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Bazaar is a simple trade system (like auction) in the game that allow player to sell/buy items without shouting around in the game to sell items. Set your unwanted items in the “Bazaar Setting” to allow other players to buy the item from you. Set the price that you want the item to be sold for, after which just wait for other players to buy from you. A item icon will be next to your character name when you are on Bazaar mode. It is strongly recommended for you to know the price of the items that you will be selling before putting it into bazaar, just incase you accidently sell some rare item at a cheap price.

Bazaar 1Bazaar 2

It recommended that set the price that you want it for. This is not like ebay where you have bidding wars and the highest bid wins. The price you set will be the price that the item is sold for, so don’t set the price low, expecting the final bid to be high.