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Quests & Fame

The Final Fantasy series is well known for the ability to offer various ways for your character to gain in experience, fame, money, and unique items, with FFXI being no exception to the rule. Anyone who has ever played a RPG (Role Playing Game) is familiar with how this system works: A needs B for C and you’re the guy chosen to prevail! But your bold adventurous spirit will not go unrewarded or unnoticed. In addition to the standard “gil or item” reward system, you obtain a certain amount of fame. As you complete quests, your fame allows you to become well known in the land and more people will trust you with trying to solve their problems. Another benefit of a high amount of fame is that shopkeepers will sell their goods to you at a reduced rate.

To up the ante even more, you can also do quests from cities that are not your home town. On occasion, these quests can give you items which are unobtainable in your home town. When a quest from a city other than your home city has been completed, you will receive even more fame and will be offered additional quests!

Eventually, the tasks given to you will entail many steps and involve quite a bit of work, but you will be heavily rewarded for these tasks. Sounds simple…doesn’t it? Well, that’s not exactly true. Most of the quests that offer higher gil and items require you to travel abroad, which can be both time consuming and extremely dangerous, if not impossible when attempted at lower levels. Also, most quests, other than the lowest level quests, require you to complete the quests in a sequence. By completing them, you will be able to unlock new higher quests. So, it isn’t just fame that factors in on your questing, but also completing your quests as soon as possible.