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The ENM quests are a special type of fight that happens in battlefields, providing rewards of experience points and various items. All of these battlefields are in the Chains of Promathia expansion zones; the expansion is required to access any ENM, and some also require the completion of certain Chains of Promathia missions. In many ways the ENMs are similar to BCNM fights, but there are significant differences. There are steps that must be taken before a character can enter a battlefield to participate in an ENM. The difficulty of these steps depends on the battlefield where the fight is at; for some, it simply involves talking an NPC in a city, while others require dangerous trips or farming for an item. These prerequisite steps are outlined below, and once a character fulfills them they will recieve a key item which permits entry into an ENM battlefield. The key item obtained from the prerequisite steps is required to enter an ENM. Every character in a group going in must have one of their own; each character must go through the necessary prerequisite steps. The key item is used up upon entering the ENM, so that the prerequisite steps must be taken each time before the ENM can be repeated.

bcnm 1
bcnm 2

A character can go into battles that require a specific key item only once every 5 Earth days; win or lose, the ENM cannot be repeated until 5 days have passed. The countdown for the next allowed entry into a battlefield starts when a character enters an ENM. Most of the battlefields only have multiple ENMs in them, which means that a character must choose between multiple ENMs when they get to the battlefield. The following NPCs provide information on when a character can enter an ENM battlefield again:

  • Mortitz – Jeuno Upper (I-8)
  • Gregory – Bastok Mines (J-9)
  • Istvan – Windurst Woods (K-11)
  • Ophelia – San d’Oria South (H-11)

All of the battlefields are found deep within other areas. If a group of characters who each have the proper key item make their way to the battlefield, they will have the option of selecting the ENM quest. All of the ENMs technically have level limits (so that all buffs are removed when entering an ENM) although many are at level 75, the current character level limit. There is a recommended maximum number of characters for each particular ENM. You can take more characters into the ENM than the recommended amount (except for the one that is already at a character limit of 18), but if you have more characters than the recommended amount in the ENM they will each get less experience when the ENM is finished. Naturally, having more characters in an ENM means that there are more people who want a split of the whatever items drop, as well.

Winning in an ENM involves defeating a monster or set of monsters before the time limit expires. If character dies in an ENM, they will not lose any experience points from the death. If the characters are successful in the ENM, a armory crate will appear in the battlefield. When the crate is selected, the characters involved in ENM will each immediately gain experience points, (between 2500-4000 exp rewarded depending on the ENM) and a handful of items will be awarded to the party. Only characters which are alive and located near the armory crate will receive the experience; it is important to Raise anyone who may have been defeated, before opening the crate.

ENM List

Level Cap Time Limit Members
Brothers Bearclaw Pinnacle 75 30 6
Follow the White Rabbit Bearclaw Pinnacle 75 30 6
Holy Cow Bearclaw Pinnacle 75 30 6
When Hell Freezes Over Bearclaw Pinnacle 75 15 6
Like the Wind Boneyard Gully 75 15 3
Sheep in Antlion’s Clothing Boneyard Gully 75 15 6
Shell We Dance? Boneyard Gully 75 30 12
Totentanz Boneyard Gully 75 30 18
Automaton Assault Mine Shaft #2716 60 15 3
Pulling The Strings Mine Shaft #2716 60 15 1
Bionic Bug Mine Shaft #2716 75 30 6
Bad Seed Monarch Linn 40 30 6
Fire in the Sky Monarch Linn 40 15 3
Beloved of the Atlantes Monarch Linn 50 30 6
Bugard in the Clouds Monarch Linn 50 15 3
You Are What You Eat Spire of Dem 30 30 6
Simulant Spire of Holla 30 30 6
Playing Host Spire of Mea 30 30 6
Pulling the Plug Spire of Vahzl 50 30 6
Test Your Mite The Shrouded Maw 40 30 6