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Weapons in Final Fantasy XI are based on the weapon skill required to wield them. As your character gains experience in a particular weapon skill type they are able to use better weapons. Weapon skills are abilities your character can learn, if they have the right job level, weapon skill level, and the right weapon equipped. There is a grouping of different weapon skills for each different weapon type. The weapon types with specific weapon skills are listed above, you can click each weapon type to view the weapon skills for that group.


In Final Fantasy you can build up TP Points to execute special attacks with the weapon you are currently wielding. Depending on your Job level you can obtain different levels of skill with a weapon. The more you use it, the more your skill will increase. As your skill gets higher you will be able to use different Weapon Skills. In battle, when you attack or get hit, your “TP” (tactical/technique points) will rise. You may use a weapon skill once it hits 100%. Any additional TP (101% to 300% max) will add extra damage or effect based on the Weapon Skill you’re using.

Renkai (Skillchains)

Renkei is also known as “Skillchain” or “Weapon Skillchain”. This is done by having 2 or more Weapon Skills chain off each other to create additional damage. When you Renkei not only do you do more damage (rather than doing it alone) you also gain elemental damage bonus depending on the Renkei you and your party done. The timing for Renkei is extremely simple, there must be an interval of 3 seconds between each Weaponskill. To make a skillchain, one must start with a weapon skill in specific elemental groups, then follow with a weapon skill with a related elemental group. A skillchain chart helps show this better, one is avaialable in the Guides & FAQs section of the site. When combined, the two weapons skills will create a skillchain, and a mage can choose to Magic Burst on that skillchain, depending on the element of the chain.