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Burning Circle Notorious Monsters are special closed arena battles. To enter a BCNM you must trade an Orb to a Burning Circle found in various parts of Vanadiel. It will then allow you and your party to enter the arena. To obtain orbs, you trade the proper amount of Beastmen’s Seals or Kindred Seals (depending on what orb you want) to a NPC Shami (H-8) in Port Jeuno. You will different orbs for trading different numbers of seals. To get Beastmen and Kindred Seals you have to kill monsters, any monster can drop a Beastmen’s Seal. You can stack up to 99 and have multiple stacks. Only one person in a party needs to have an Orb, once he/she trades it to the Burning Circle, it will allow other party members to enter.

Almost all BCNM battles have a time limit of 30 minutes. However there are some with exceptions. Once all NMs in the BCNM are defeated, an Armory Crate will appear. Target and attack it to end the BCNM battle. Depending on how many party members you have, items will be available in the Treasure Pool to lot on. The rewards can either be equipment, magic spells, gems, guild supplies, or money. If another party was ahead of you, and enters the Burning Circle (either mission or BCNM) you have to wait about 10 minutes until you can enter the field.

bcnm 1
bcnm 2


Name Seal Type Quantity Level Cap
Star Orb Beastmen 40 40
Comet Orb Beastmen 50 50
Moon Orb Beastmen 60 60
Laksis Orb Kindred 30 No Cap
Clone Orb Kindred 30 No Cap
Atoropos Orb Kindred 30 No Cap


Name Location
Horlais Peak J-6) in Yughott Grotto
Waughroon Shrine (I-10) 3rd Floor of Palborough Mines
Balga’s Dais (F-12) in Giddeus
Chamber of Oracles (E-10) Quicksand Caves
Cloister of Tides Sea Serpent Grotto
Sacrifical Chamber (E-5) Den of Rancor
Qu’Bia Arena (K-8) Fei Yin