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Mog House

Travelers can rest in the Mog House. You automatically get a Mog House once you make your character. It is located in the “Residential Section” area in the map. You can also have a Mog House outside your home country (This feature is called “Rental House” but doesn’t require money). When you enter your Mog House, your HP and MP will both be restored to full. Inside the Mog House a Moogle will appear, if you speak to him he will give you a number of options.

Shura 1
Shura 1

Option Description
Mog Safe You can store up to 50 personal items in your Mog house. It is a good idea to have as little in your inventory as possible when you leave your Mog House to fight, since your personal inventory only holds 30 items. You can either sell extra items at the shops / auction house, store them in the mog safe, or use it for yourself/quests. Once you have a good reputation with the people in town by completing loads of quests, your mog safe will be capable of holding more items by receiving and completing Mog Quests from moogle.
Delivery Box When you sell something at the auction house, the money will be delivered to your delivery box. The items you did not sell during 9 weeks of Vana D’iel time will be returned to your delivery box. If a friend wants to send something to you, s/he can talk to the NPC near the auction house and transport it to your delivery box.
Change Jobs Changing main/support jobs is as easy as selecting “change jobs.” The level is specific to the job, so if you are level 10 Warrior and change to Monk, you will start as level 1 Monk. Not to worry, you will be level 10 again when you switch back to being a Warrior. Some skills carry over from job to job. If your level 10 Warrior has a 20 evasion skill, that skill will carry over to your level 1 monk, although there is a max (called skill cap) for each skill based on the level of your job. This means that your level 1 monk would have a 5 evasion skill (the max for a level 1 monk), not a 15 evasion skill.
Gardening You can make your house prettier with a couple of pots and flowers! However, a brass flowerpot costs about 1000 gil. This sounds like a lot of money to newbies, but once you’ve done some killings and selling, or quests, you will have enough gil to buy a pot. You may think that it is ridiculous to spend that much money on a pot… but it could also be a good investment.
Layout You can decorate your home by placing items in your Mog safe and then going to lay out menu selection. After you purchase furniture, you can decide what goes where, making you home a more welcoming and comforting place.

Growing Plants

You can grow Items by using seeds and pots. Seeds and pots are sold in different shops and come in many types. As time passes, the plants grow, flowers bloom, and eventually the plant will wither away. Steps taken to grow the plants:


  1. Buy a plant and seed from a shop.
  2. Use the layout command and place a pot in your Mog house. Any remaining seeds can be placed inside your Mog Vault for future use. You are limited to placing up to 10 pots in your Mog House
  3. Target a pot, then press the “select” button to access the following options:


  1. Observe: Shows you the progress of you plant. Failing to observe the growth of your plant can make it grow very slowly or stop growing altogether. You can have your Moogle send you reports of its progress to your chat window. Make sure to check your plant very often. You can check it as many times at you need to.
  2. Plant a Seed: You can choose this option as long as your pot is empty.
  3. Use a Crystal: This option becomes available once your plant has grown for enough time. Using a Crystal on your plant helps It grow a much better Item.
  4. Dry: You can stop the growth of your plant and keep its current appearance forever. Be cautious of using this command because once its used, you cannot change it. Remember, this is only 5. Cancel Cultivation: This command cancels the growth of your plant and empties the pot. You cannot reverse this command either.