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Linkshell Basics

Linkshells are tools used to create clans or social groups of people. After creating a linkshell, the linkshell leader can create linkpearls. The leader must distribute linkpearls to people to invite them to join the linkshell. Once in the linkshell, a leader can change a member’s linkpearl to a sackholder pearl. Linkshell sackholders have the ability to create linkpearls and to kick normal members, however, only the linkshell leader has the ability to kick sackholders and make sackholders. Leaders can also demote members from sackholder back to linkpearl holder.


To equip a linkshell, you must first recive a linkpearl or create a linkshell. Then in the main menu, under Linkshell, select the linkshell you wish to equip, and select Equip. You can hold as many linkshells, sackholder pearls, and linkpearls as your inventory can carry, but you can only equip one at a time. To change linkshells simply unequip your current linkshell in the same menu, then equip the new one. Once your linkshell is equipped, you can check the Member List in the Linkshell menu, to see all the members that currently have the same linkshell equipped, along with their basic job, level, race, nation, and location information.

linkshell 1
linkshell 2

You can also see whether they have are a linkshell leader, sackholder, or linkpearl by the image to the left of the member’s name. When examining a player, under the bazaar button there will be a small image of the color and type of linkshell currently equipped by that player, along with the linkshell name.

Linkshell Message

Linkshell leaders and sackholders can set the linkshell message. The linkshell message will appear everytime a member logs on or equips the linkpearl. It can also appear if the member types /lsmes. To set the linkshell message the command is /lsmes “message”. The message will also put the date and time the message was posted.