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There are five main categories of spells in the game: White Magic, Black Magic, Summoning Magic, Songs, and Ninjitsu. Not all of these spell types use magic points (MP), below is a chart of each magic type, the jobs that use it, and what is required to cast the spell.

Spell Type Jobs Uses
White Magic White Mage, Red Mage Magic Points (MP)
Black Magic Black Mage, Red Mage Magic Points (MP)
Songs Bard Nothing
Summoning Summoner Magic Points (MP)
Ninjitsu Ninja Ninja Tools


To learn magic, songs, or ninjitsu you must buy scrolls from the Auction House or from magic vendors. In order to use a scroll you must meet both the job and level requirements listed on the scroll. Once you have used a scroll, you will be able to use that spell on that job only. Once you switch jobs, and you no longer meet the job or level requirements of that spell, you cannot use that spell until you switch back to your previous job.


Certain magic elements are strong and weak against other magic elements. This is important in the game, because most mobs will have an element type, so it is important to know what magic element is strong against that mob. Below is a chart of the magic elements and what they are strong against.

Element Strong Against
Fire Ice
Ice Wind
Wind Earth
Earth Thunder
Thunder Water
Water Fire
Dark Light
Light Dark