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Dress Spheres – Alchemist

This dress sphere allows you unlimited use of some healing items, like potions and remedies. The Mix feature is similar to Rikku’s overdrive in Final Fantasy X.

Acquired By

Clear out the fiends in the Monster Arena in Chapter 2.

Ability Highlights

The Alchemist has both offensive and defensive highlights; the unlimited potions can be quite useful, and Mix can bring some very interesting results.

Abilities List

Ability Description
Attack Attacks an enemy.
Mix Combines two items into one new item.
Potion Use a free potion .
Hi-Potion Use a free hi-potion.
Mega-Potion Use a free mega-potion.
X-Potion Use a free x-potion.
Remedy Use a free remedy.
Dispel Tonic Use a free dispel tonic.
Pheonix Down Use a free pheonix down.
Mega Pheonix Use a free mega-pheonix down.
Ether Use a free ether.
Elixer Use a free elixer.
Items Lv. 2 Item use item is cut by 80%.
Chemist The effect of healing items is doubled.
Elementalist The effect of elemental items is doubled.
Physicist The effect of non-elemental items is doubled.