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Dress Spheres – Warrior (Paine Default)

This sphere is all physical damage. The girls depend on attacking with a sword, plus high strength to deal high damage. It’s a pretty straight forward dress sphere.

Acquired By

Paine’s default dress sphere.

Ability Highlights

Not many highlights. It’s pretty much a “what you see is what you get” sphere. High strength and damage. There are a few skills that allow you to enchant your blade with elemental damage, but the game still counts it as a physical attack, so it really won’t help vs. physical immune monsters.

Abilities List

Ability Description
Attack Attacks an enemy.
Senital Decrease physical damage taken for one turn.
Flametounge Enchant your sword with Fire damage
Ice Brand Enchant your sword with Ice Damage
Thunder Blade Enchant your sword with Lightning damage.
Liquid Steel Enchant your sword with Water damage.
Demi Sword Enchant your sword with gravitational damage.
Excalibur Enchant your sword with Holy damage.
Power Break Lower target’s strength.
Armor Break Lower target’s defense.
Magic Break Lower target’s magic.
Mental Break Lower target’s magical defense.
Delay Attack Delay target’s action .
Delay Buster Severe delay in target’s action.
Assault Cast Berserk, Shell, Protect, and Haste on the party.
SOS-Protect Cast Protect when HP is in critical levels.