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Dress Spheres – Berserker

As you know, from the previous Final Fantasy games, Berserk is a status effect that increases attack power, but with random attacks. This works in that fashion.

Acquired By

Defeat the sets of fiends outside the Macalania Travel Agency in Chapter 3.

Ability Highlights

Increased attack power, but you have to give up control of your character. Is it worth the sacrifice?

Abilities List

Ability Description
Attack Attacks an enemy.
Berserk Boosts attack power, while giving up control of the character.
Cripple Halves enemy’s HP.
Mad Rush Severe damage on enemy. High failure rate.
Crackdown Removes Shell, Protect, and Reflect.
Eject Instant victory. High failure rate.
Unhinge Lowers enemy’s evasion and accuracy while dealing damage.
Intimidate Slows and damages enemy.
Envenom Poisons and damages enemy.
Hurt Damage done by this skill is equal to your HP.
Howl Doubles HP.
Itchproof Itchy-immune.
Counterattack Counter an enemy attack with one of your own.
Magic Counter Counter an enemy magic spell with an attack of your own.
Evade & Counter Counterattacks after evading.
Auto-Regen Regen is automatically cast.