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Dress Spheres – Gunner (Yuna Default)

This dress sphere allows you do use two pistols, with some special shots, like “Trigger Happy,” which is similar to Irvine’s limit break in Final Fantasy 8.

Acquired By

Yuna’s default dress sphere.

Ability Highlights

Many special shots that do various things, like reduce enemy MP, to ignore their defense. Also, this dress sphere has some statusproofs, meaning you’ll be safe in battle against enemies that cast status effect magic on you.

Abilities List

Ability Description
Attack Attacks an enemy.
Trigger Happy Meter starts up. Tapping R1 during the duration of the meter does shots. Great for starting a large chain of attacks.
Potshot Damage to one enemy.
Cheap Shot Shot that ignores the target’s defense.
Enchanted Ammo Magical damage shot.
Target MP Reduces target’s MP.
Quarter Pounder Target’s MP is reduced by 25%.
Burst Shot Critical Hit.
Tableturner Does damage based on enemy’s defense. More defense equals higher damage.
On the Level Damage is based on your level.
Scattershot Damage to all targets.
Scatterburst Critical hits to all targets.
Darkproof Immune against Darkness.
Sleepproof Immune against Sleep.
Trigger Happy Lv2 Increases time allotted to push R1.
Trigger Happy Lv3 Greatly increases time allotted to push R1.