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Dress Spheres – Mascot

This dress sphere is unique. Each of the girl has a different type of “mascot” when the use this dress sphere. For example, Paine is a Tonberry, Rikku is Cait Sith, and Yuna is a Moogle. Each mascot specilizes in their own type of abilities.

Acquired By

Get Episode Complete in every area.

Ability Highlights

Yuna the Moogle casts support magic, such as Wall and Protect. Rikku the Cait Sith casts offensive magic, such as Fire, Thunder, Blizzard, and Water. Paine the Tonberry specializes in status effect abilities. This is a pretty useful sphere, especially when Yuna uses it, because you can cast support magic on the whole party at once, great for those tough battles.

Abilities List

Ability Description
Attack Attacks an enemy.
Moogle Jolt Restores MP to a party member.
Moogle Cure Restores HP and cures the party member of status effects.
Moogle Regen Haste and Regen are cast on the party member.
Moogle Wall Shell and Protect are cast on the party member.
Moogle Life Revives and full-heals a party member.
Moogle Curema Same effect as Moogle Cure, but on the whole party.
Moogle Regenja Same effect as Moogle Regen, but on the whole party.
Moogle Wallja Same effect as Moogle Wall, but on the whole party.
Moogle Lifeja Same effect as Moogle Life, but on the whole party.
Moogle Beam Does damage to one enemy.
Ribbon Immune to all status effects.
Auto-Shell Automatically casts Shell.
Auto-Protect Automatically casts Protect.
Swordplay Warrior’s abilities are avaliable.
Arcana Dark Knight’s abilities are avaliable.