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Barret – Level One

Big Shot

Barret fires a massive ball of energy that forms on his gun to cause the target a hell of a lot of trouble, delivering a great burst of physical damage. This is a very good Limit Break for the start of the game, killing most enemies you meet earlier on, but as soon becomes obsolete leaving you looking for more powerful substitutions.

Mind Blow

Much like the “Big Shot” Barret fires a massive ball of energy at his enemy. This time the energy is blue and with a different out come. Instead of causing physical damage it blows away the targets magic points. This is a useful attack if you are one of these final fantasy players that like to use strategy due to the fact that this attack turns strong magic users in to useless wimps. Whereas if you are like me, and like to do some serious damage, stick to the “Big Shot”

Level Two

Grenade Bomb

Barret aims his gun at a group of enemies. Then he creates a huge explosion, which causes a lot of damage to all enemies. This is by far the level 2 Limit Break of choice, doing a far amount of damage to your targets earlier on in the game, but, like many other limits grow obsolete through time. This should easily be first choice over hammer blow

Hammer Blow

Barret runs up to an enemy prepared to knock him senseless. Then he delivers a powerful energy blow to a single enemy which attempt to instantly kill the enemy. This is a complete waste of a limit if you dont kill the enemy so try to advoid it like the plague

Level Three

Satellite Beam

Proving he has friends in high places, Barret calls for the ultimate air strike on all enemies. The beams hit for about 3000-4000 points of damage on each target. Although this is great against a group of enemies, its considerably less effective against a lone attacker.


Barret aims his gun at the battlefield. Then he begins to blast tons of ammo at random enemies. The blasts hit 18 times on random enemies, which makes this far more effective on a single opponent than Satellite Beam.

Level Four


Barret sticks his gun into the ground creating lots of smoke around his gun. The he uses the smoke to hover over the battlefield. After he is hovering, he releases a huge blast of super-heated plasma. The blast will hit random enemies 10 times for large amounts of damage each hit. This is best used against a single enemy because of the cumulative damage.


Revisit North Corel after the Meteor has been summoned and speak to the lady in the middle house on the west side of town. She’ll give Cloud the CATASTROPHE.