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Vincent – Level One

Galian Beast

Vincent transforms into a purple beast with horns and a tail. Its attacks are fire based:

Beast Flare

Vincent unleashes multiple orbs that caouse damage to a group of enemies.

Beserk Dance

Vincent performs a weak combo against an enemy caousing a small amount of damage.

Level Two

Death Gigas

Vincent transforms a large beast. He has a strong physical attack and his attacks are lightning based:


Vincent smashes a powerful punch right into an enemy causing immense damage.

Live Wire

Vincent attacks the enemy party with an electrical charge

Level Three


Vincent transforms into a chainsaw bearing nut. His attacks cause status effects.


Vincent hits an enemy five times with his chainsaw.


Vincent hits an enemy for many status effects including Mini, Frog, Sleep, Mute, and Confusion.

Level Four


Vincent transforms into a gigantic demon bird. His attacks are non elemental.

Chaos Saber

Vincent attacks all enemies with a VERY powerful slash.

Stan Slam

A skull appears under the enemy party. All enemies who are not killed are hit for massive damage by flaming skulls


After acquiring the sub or a Gold Chocobo, you can reach Lucrecia’s Cave, behind the lagoon in the Nibel area. Visit the cave with Vincent in your party in the second disc, then again in the third. In the third disc you get the Chaos.