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Cid – Level One

Boost Jump

Cid uses his spear to leap into the air. He then lands on a single opponents head caosuing some pretty good damage. This is your best bet for either finishing bosses or killing off single enemies earlier in the game. This attack will be replaced soon though.


Cid produces a large stick of dynamite and hurls it into a group of enemies. This immidiely replaces the boost jump and caouses almost as much damage but to the whole group. This is less effecticve against bosses but more effective against normal enemies.

Level Two

Hyper Jump

Cid leaps high inot the air and throws his weapon deep into the earth causing a massive blue explosion. This is basicly a more powerful version of the Dynamite limet but it is not as good of an attack agaisnt single enemies as the Dynmaite.


Cid summons a monsterous dragon to attack a single opponent and leech some of the lost HP and MP back to him. This is by far the best level 2 limet for attacking a single opponent and it is also good if Cid needs a minor boost in his HP or MP.

Level Three

Dragon Dive

Cid repeadetly pounces on a group of opponents caousing a blue explosion each time as well as IMMENSE damage. This is the strongest of the level 3 limets but the enemy it hits is completly random.

Big Brawl

Cid leaps into a group of enemies and crushes them with a series of lightning fast fighting attacks. This attack hits for less each time then the Dragon Dive but it hits more. I cant really say which attack is better. I guess they are completly even.

Level Four


Cid radios the highwind for help. His crew responds by firing a huge salvo of missiles at the enemy party each missle hitting each enemy for at least sevral thousand points of damage each time. This is great for a single enemy or a group it doesnt matter. This is by far the best of Cid’s limit breaks.


After getting the sub, locate the crashed Gelnika off the shore of the Gold Saucer. Inside the cargo bay, you’ll find the HIGHWIND