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Red XIII – Level One

Sled Fang

Red XIII charges up to an enemy at super sonic speed caosuing immense physical damage. This will be Red XIII’s only long range attack for a long time so it will come in handy alot. However, it becomes useless when you learn the Blood Fang limet break.

Lunatic High

Red XIII casts a magical light around the party which casts haste on everyone. Until you have purchased the Time materia at Gongaga, this will come in hamdy during big battles where the boss and or enemies are much fatser then you. However, as much you may have guessed, when the Time materia is obtained it becomes usless as it does the same as a time+all combo.

Level Two

Blood Fang

Red XIII comes up as if he were doing a sl;ed fang attack and shoots through the enemy caosuing more damage then the sled fang while taking a small amount of HP and MP with him. This is very usful for elimenating opponents while gaining back lost HP and MP and as you may have gusesed, replaces the sled fang entirly.

Stardust Ray

Red XIII jumps up into darkness and caouses a shower of crashing stardust to hit the enemy about 10 times with extreme damage. Unless you need extra Hp or MP, stick with this limet during bttales. It caouses much more damage then the blood fang and to all enemies as the blod fang caouses damage to just one enemy.

Level Three

Howling Moon

A full moon appears and drived Red XIII insane. He then has haste and beserk catsed on him for the rest of the fight. This has some advamtages and disadvanatges. The advamtages being that he has haste abd beserk and cna attack quickly and for twice as much damage then a normal attack. The disadvantages being he cannot cast spells or heal the party. If your planning on using this attack then do not make him your healer or spell catser.

Earth Rave

Red XIII casts a series of 5 elemental attacks on the entire party. This will turn out to be more usful then the howling moon attack becaouse it does about as much damage and does not make Red XIII stick to the same attack pattern so it does not effect you at all.

Level Four

Cosmo Memory

Red XIII summons the memory of the dead worriors of Cosmo Canyon and caouses a huge red hot fireball to englulf the opponent in super heated fire plasma. This caouses 9999 to all enemies.


Open the safe in the Shinra Mansion. To get this you must defeat the Lost Number Boss, who leaves behind the Odin summon, and the combonation is R 36, L 10, R 59, and R 97. (see walktrough)