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Cait Sith – Level One


Cait Sith gathers a few magical dice and then hurls them onto the battlefield. The total number from all the dice thrown determines the damage inflicted to all enemies. Over time the number of dice thrown increases which makes this limit break useful even at higher levels.


Cait Sith uses a slot machine during this limit break. There are 7 different possible combinations you can get. They are:

  • 3 Stars: Summons a Mog which restores HP,MP, and cures all negative status effects for all party members.
  • 3 Kings: Summons 6 toy soldiers which cause a decent amount of damage to all enemies.
  • 3 Bars: Prompts Cait Sith to cast a random summon spell.
  • 3 Mogs: Transforms Cait Sith into a huge Mog which can only attack with the slot machine effects.
  • 3 Hearts: Ensures all party members 100% hit chance and allows them to get critical hits each time.
  • 2 Cait Siths and a Bar: Instantly kills all party members.
  • 3 Cait Siths: Instantly kills all enemies.