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Cloud – Level One


Cloud performs a leaping chop that splits a single enemy in two. Unless your facing a really strong enemy that isnt a boss, this is your best level 1 limet break. The attack is slightly stronger then the Cross Slash so it can kill stronger enemies.

Cross Slash

Cloud runs up to the enemy, and deals a series of sevral X shaped slashes. If the enemy survives, it will most lily be paralyzed. However, it cannot paralyze enemies normally immune to the effect like most bosses. The attack isnt as strong as Barver so Barver should be used in boss battles.

Level Two

Blade Beam

Cloud pulls his sword back then brings it forward to unleash a deadly energy wave on a single enemy. Once the energy wave has hit, it difuses into smaller waves and hit the rest of the enemies in a that row. The defused energy is much weaker then the initial energy so target the strongest enemy in the group. It is very effective against large groups of enemies.


Cloud runs up to an opponent and skewres it with his sword, he then takes a huge leap into the air to caouse devestating damage. This attack deals great damage and is mostly used against bosses or very strong enemies. The Blade Beam attack will eventually be replaced but you can use this throughout most of the game.

Level Three


Cloud raises his sword in the air and leaps. He then unleahses a group of meteros on the group. This can caouse up to 4 seperate hits and against one oponent can caouse 12,000 points of damage. It is bets used agaisnt a single enemy unless the party is weak. This is also a good substitute for Blade Beam.

Finishing Touch

Cloud creats a whirlwind that swipes enemies into oblivion. The enemy party will either suffer immidiet death or fall to the ground and suffer extreme damage. Larger enemies and bosses will always fall. Save this limet break for a group, if you use it on one enemy its a total waste of a limet break.

Level Four


Cloud runs up to his opponent and unleashes a series of 15 sword attacks all deadly. Then he finishes it all off with a giant leap and kareaning slash downwrad. This cna be used on a single enemy or on a group but wither way it is the most powerful attack in the game hands down. This even caouses more damage then the mystic Knights of the Round materia.


Fight in the Battle Arena at Cold Saucer until you get at least 32,000 battle points. The points get exchanged at the Battle Arena for the OMNISLASH.