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Tifa – Level One

Beat Rush

Tifs runs up to enemy and unleashes a small punching combo for little damage. This isn’t a very good limit break, and does even less then Cloud’s normal attack.


Tifa runs up to and pyshes an enemy, she then finishes it off with a flying backflip causing a fair amount of damage. This is the second part of her limit combo. When it is combined with beat rush it can cause high damage.

Level Two


Tifa unleashes a quick wave of water also causing water elemental damage upon an group of enemies. This combines with the beat rush and summersault and attacks for a very good amount of damage.


The fourth attack in Tifa’s limit break combo is the Meteodrive. Tifa runs up to her opponent and delivers a smashing backdrop causing good damage. This combines with the beat rush, summersault, and waterkick and can cause an immense amount of damage when combined.

Level Three

Dolphin Blow

Tifa calls to her dolphin friend to land a powerful uppercut on the enemy. This makes for hit number 5 and at this pont causes an outragous amount of damage.

Meteor Strike

Tifa grabs her opponent and jumps with it into the skies and the heavens. She then slams it down back to earth causing an incredible amount of damage. At this point, the damage is very high, making this one of the most useful limit breaks in the game.

Level Four

Final Heaven

For the last hit in her deadly combo, Tifa focuses all her energy into her two fists to deliver a desimating nuclear blast to the enemy. This next to the omnislash and combined with everything else is the most deadly limit in the game.


Return to Nibelheim late in the game and play a specific melody on Tifa’s piano. The melody is as follows: X, Sqr, Tri, L1 and Tri, L1 and Sqr, X, Sqr, Tri, L1 and X, Crc, X, Sqr, X.