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Chapter 10: Chaos

Recommended Level: 20 to 25

  • Temple of Fiends: Air Floor: Masmune

Recommended Equipment:

  • Fighters: Opal Stuff, anything you’ve found.
  • Red Mage: Defense Sword, Opal Bracelet.

At first I suggest you go to the Dwarf Cave, talk to Smith the Smith and he will brutally take over your Adamant and make the second most powerful sword in the game – the Xcalber.

Then you might want to pay a visit to the Crescent Lake and talk to the 12 sages… they will tell you some stuff about FF1’s storyline.

If you aren’t LV20 just yet, please go to the Ice Cave and use the “Eye” enemy to gain EXP so that you level up. I know it’s boring, but going from LV17 to LV20 in there only took me 15 mins, not that difficult. The magic level is 20 so that you can cast the Exit spell with your Red Wizard.

Temple of Fiends

Now you should be pretty ready to tackle the Temple of Fiends. Remember that this is the most difficult dungeon, so I suggest you go all out. If one of your members dies before reaching Chaos’s floor, you should use the Exit spell and re-enter (if your Red Wizard got killed you are just… oh well… screwed?). You should run away from all the battles possible, the major ones you won’t be able to run from are Gas Ds, Earths, Airs and waters (there’s porbably more, but these are the frequent ones). Don’t waste your time walking around too much, since you are pretty underlevelled. Don’t bother picking up any treasure apart from the Masmune.

Floor 1: Go down, then right and take the stairs.

Floor 2: Try getting lost

Floor 3: Go down, then right and into the central room. You will have to kill
(One hit) the Phantom once you enter. Here you can use the Lute.

Floor 2: Go down, then left and up, take the stairs.

Floor 1: Just walk left.

Path to Final Battle

Earth Floor: Enemies from the earth cave are here. Walk up, right, down. Before you can take the stairs you will have to assassinate Lich (I managed to beat him in 1 turn).

Fire Floor: Enemies from the Volcano are here. Go left, up into the room, right, down out of the room, keep on going down, then left and up the stairs. Kill Kary on the way (Took me 2 turns…).

Water Floor: Enemies from the Sea Shrine are here. Walk into the room and then out on the other side. Go down, right, into the large room. Go right, then down, left and out of the room. Up into the other room, then left and down out of the room. Walk down, then right and take the stairs. You will have to kill Kraken again (took me 4turns, but this is easy… his attacks are very bad…).

Air Floor: Enemies from the Sky Palace are here… Head down and then walk right. You will walk through a very narrow passage. At the end you will see a small room and you will find the Masmune sword in the chest. Equip it imediately. Now head back to the beginning of the level, but this time walk right. You will have to fight Tiamat – he is easier than before, due to the Masmune, took me only 3 turns of constant “Fight” command to kill. Walk up and right to reach the stairs to the Chaos’ Floor. Somewhere in this room you should gain enough EXP from forced fights to go up to LV21…

Level 5: There are no enemies in this room. Just walk to the central room to
find the boss of Final Fantasy 1. After you have healed yourself to full
health, enter (shouldn’t they have a special evil music playing right now?).


Put the person with the Masmune in the third row and the person with the Xcalber in the 2nd row, leaving your worst fighter first (that way in case he dies, you can still win). Use your Red Wizard to FAST your characters (start with the guy who has the Masmune, then the one whp has the Xcalber). Don’t bother healing, just hack away with attacks from the very start. If he does CUR4, just know that he has full HP again, so it is important that you kill him as quickly as possible.

That’s the end of the game, hope you enjoyed it and found this walkthrough useful!