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Chapter 6: Ordeals

Recommended Level: 13 to 16

  • Castle of Ordeals L2: Zeus Gauntlet
  • Castle of Ordeals L3: Heal Staff, Ice Sword, Gold Bracelet, Iron Gauntlet, 7340 G, 1455 G, House
  • Cardia: Cabin, 575 G, Sof, 10 G, House, 500 G, 2750 G, 2000 G, 1455 G, 1520 G, 2750 G, 9500 G, 160 G.

Recommended Equipment:

  • Fighters: Some Ice armor/sword, rest – same as before.
  • Red Mage: Rune Sword, Silver Bracelet, Cap.

Start off by checking out the town of Gaia (check the world map: northeastern town between mountain ranges) and buy 4 ProRings. This way, you’ll have enough defense from instant kill attacks.

After you have visited Gaia, you should visit Cardia, the land of the Dragons. Check the world map for a series of islands and a cave. Just check them all for treasures and the like to get a Cabin, 575 G, Soft, 10 G, House, 500 G, 2750 G, 2000 G, 1455 G, 1520 G, 2750 G, 9500 G, and 160 G.

In one of the caves of Cardia, you will find the King of Dragons, Bahamut. He will tell you to bring him the proof of courage to receive the honor of becoming a true warrior.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get it!

Castle of Ordeal

The place where your courage is going to be tested is, as you might’ve guessed, the Castle of Ordeal. It is just northeast of the Cardia islands. However, getting there is a problem: if you use the airship, you’ll have to walk a lot. Instead, go back to your ship, take it to the Castle of Ordeal, and dock at the river mouth (Canoe and walk to finish up the journey).

Once inside, talk to the old fart and go to the northwest room. You will come to a maze. Just walk into the column. Do the same in the next room.

In the third room, you will have to choose between two columns. Take the bottom one. Keep on going until you have to choose again and then take the bottom one. The next time you have to choose, pick the one closest to you. You will come to a place with a room near you. Walk into the room to get a Zeus Gauntlet. Out of the three choices here, take the one furthest away from the room. You will be teleported to a place with stairs, so go to level 2 (or three, if you count the first part of the castle as a level).

It is pretty difficult to get lost on this level. The first chest you see will contain a Heal Staff – this can be an extra heal for you (use it in battle to have the same effect as Cure). In the next set of chests you will find the Ice Sword, a Gold Bracelet, and an Iron Gauntlet. Equip the sword on the fighter that has the Dragon Sword. In the next set, pick up the money (7340 G and 1455 G) and a House. Check the last treasure chest to find the Rat’s Tail. Try walking to the king’s throne (doesn’t it look like a sofa?) and you will be attacked by some ZombieD (Zombie Dragons).

Zombie Dragons

There will be a random number of them. This fight is really easy: take them out with physical attacks.

Once you have taken care of the ZombieDs, step on the throne and leave the Castle. Go back to Bahamut and he will reward you for surviving the test of courage. Your classes will be converted as follows:

Fighter —–> Knight
Red Mage –> Red Wizard

While you are still at exploring the world, I suggest you take another boat ride to the waterfall located on the Northwestern continent. You will have to land just south of the desert. Travel up the river using the canoe until you come to a waterfall (See that town there? You’ll get there soon!).

The waterfall is a pretty good maze, so you might want to check the map. In general, walk up, left, up, left, up-left, and then all the way down. You should come to a room with a robot that will give you the Cube and some treasure (Wizard Staff, Ribbon (equip on the person who is in slot 1 now!), 13450 G, 6400 G, 5000 G, and Defense (equip on Red Wizard, it’s his best weapon). Now let’s get out of this place and head back to Crescent Lake. We have some more Fiend killing to do!