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Chapter 2: Pravoka

Recommended Level: 3 to 6

  • Temple of Fiends: Cap, Cabin, Heal Potion
  • Matoya’s Cave: 2 Heal Potions, 1 Pure Potion
  • Dwarf Cave: 1025 G

Recommended Equipment:

  • Fighters: Short Sword/Rapier, Chain Armor
  • Red Mage: Rapier, Chain Armor, Cap

Once you’re done with the princess-saving business, you might want to try out your reward – the bridge. However, be sure to fight the Imps outside Coneria gain LV3 before progressing because there harder monsters over that bridge. Once you are ready to go, save at the inn before crossing the bridge. The game intro will start so sit back and read…

Matoya’s Cave

After the intro, walk north until you come to Matoya’s Cave where the blind witch Matoya resides. One of the main attractions in this skull-decorated cave are the talking brooms. Unfortunately, all they will say is “…TCELES B SHUP.” Hint: read backwards. Feel free to take the 2 Heal potions and 1 Pure potion. Talk to Matoya and she will tell you that somebody stole her crystal and she can’t see without it. You might as well help out the old lady.

Unfortunately, you really don’t know how to help her out just yet. Consequently, you should just keep on exploring the world. Walk south to the bridge, but head east of it this time. It’ll be quite a walk, but at some point you’ll reach the beatiful town of Pravoka. While you are walking, beware of two enemies:

  1. The ASP. It’s very easy to kill it, but it can Poison you. A PURE potion costs 75 G, so each heal from poison costs 75 G. G is hard to come by, so be careful.
  2. The OGRE. This is the opposite of the ASP. He can’t give you any status ailments at all, but he’s very strong (100 HP and has some good hits). On the other hand, OGREs also gives you 195 G and EXP (please note that the EXP is divided between the party members who are still alive). You’ll want to fight these guys later to level up. If you meet one of these guys (or even both) right now, you should be able to kill them. Don’t hesitate to use a Heal Potion; the EXP you’ll get is worth it.

Once you get to the beautiful town of Pravoka, you will notice that it has been attacked by pirates. Big Deal. Use the services of the inn (which has raised its prices), and then challenge the Pirate in the western part of the town.


Although there are 9 of them, they really shouldn’t give you any trouble – just kill them off one by one. Since you have 3 Fighters and a Red Mage, they shouldn’t be able to touch you.

Pravoka City

Once you have taken care of the Pirates, you will get the ship. First, however, I suggest that you wander around the Pravoka area until you reach at least LV5; this will really make the rest of the journey a lot easier. Additionally, watch out for OGREs, you’re going to need the G they give you.

After leveling up, you should have around 2500 to 3000 G. Obviously, the next thing you want is…more G. So let’s get it. Get on your new ship, head eastwards (past Coneria), and then north until you come to a port. Next, get off your ship and walk southwards until you come across the Cave of Dwarves.

Cave of Dwarves

This is the room you are trying to find. It’ll give you an extra 1000 or so G. That’s all you can (and need to) get from that Cave of Dwarves for now (you can explore it if you wish).

Now that you have all that cash, you might want to go and get some better equipment:

  1. Go back to Coneria and get a CURE spell for your Red Mage.
  2. Go back to Pravoka. Buy 1 Iron Armor for 1 of your fighters. Buy a Short Sword for him as well. That’s it. (no need to waste any more cash here). On to the next chapter…