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Chapter 9: Sky Palace

Recommended Level: 16 to 19

  • Mirage Tower Floor 1: Aegis Shield
  • Mirage Tower Floor 2: Sun Sword, Dragon Armor
  • Sky Palace Floor 2: Adamant, Opal Shield, Ribbon

Recommended Equipment:

  • Fighters: Opal Stuff, anything you’ve found.
  • Red Mage: Defense Sword, Opal Bracelet.

Let’s take down that last fiend! Head to Melmond, first, (the same one that was attacked by the Vampire) and talk to Dr. Unne. He will use the SLAB to teach you Lefeinish. Now that you know Lefeinish, you can go to the great city of Lefein.

Lefein City

Unfortunately, this great city has serious accessibility problems. Actually, the only way of accessing the place is by landing your airship way north of it, and then walking south (see the pic for the exact spot). Walk south to get to Lefein. Feel free to talk to everybody there. Make sure you also talk to the guy that gives you the Chime. Once you’ve done that, feel free to leave. I suggest you go to a town to stock up on Heal Potions and also some Tents; the following dungeon isn’t going to be easy…

Once you have healed and stocked up, go to the huge desert west of Gaia and north of Lefein. Land your airship on a green square East of the Mirage Tower and then make the long walk. Save and heal before entering.

Mirage Tower

The Mirage Tower and the Sky Castle is a difficult dungeon, to say the least. I suggest that you run away from enemies as much as you can since they are pretty difficult. You’ll need to save your strength for the fiends and un-escapable enemies (not that many around here, though).

Floor 1: Pick up the Aegis Shield here and equip it. It’s a simple enough room that doesn’t need much figuring out…

Floor 2: Walk in a circle motion to enter the room. There, you should pick up the Sun Sword and the Dragon Armor (equip them immediately!).

Floor 3: Not much here. You have to take care of the Blue D the moment you enter. I don’t consider it a boss fight – just too easy. Talk to the robot and enter the teleporter to access the Sky Palace.

Sky Palace

Floor 1: There isn’t much worth to any of the treasure here, so walk straight up to reach Floor 2.

Floor 2: On this level, you can go many ways. The only thing you really want out of this place is the Adamant, located on the bottom left path. The Ribbon is on the right path, along with an Opal Shield that you can use.

The teleporter to the next floor is located in the southern path.

Floor 3: There is some treasure here, but I don’t really think it’s necessary. Walk left to floor 4.

Floor 4: This is suppoed to be a maze…seriously. Walk right twice, down twice, and this maze should be solved…

Floor 5: This is Tiamat’s bridge – the place where you can meet the strongest enemy in the game – Warmech. At your current level, he will simply assassinate you. Heal up before you cross the bridge and run if you meet him.

Enter the room of Tiamat – Fiend of Air. Be sure to heal before you talk to the ORB.


This battle is a bit more difficult than normal. Have your Red Wizard start off by casting FAST on your fighters and have them hack away. Use your shot of CUR3 if necessary.

Once Tiamat is dead, step on the altar, enjoy having all 4 ORBs lit, and get out of the Sky Palace.