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Chapter 7: Volcano

Recommended Level: 15

  • Gurgu Volcano Floor 5: Flame Armor

Recommended Equipment:

  • Fighters: Flame Armor; Rest: same
  • Red Mage: Defense Sword, Gold Bracelet, Cap.

Heal at Crescent Lake and take your airship west until you come to a Volcano. Save before entering. In general, there are loads of treasures in the Gurgu Volcano, but most of them are pretty worthless (you don’t need the money anymore, nor do you need crappy weapons and armor). The only piece of armor of any worth is the Flame Armor on Floor 5.

Floor 1: Well, not exactly difficult. The floors will damage you, though.

Floor 2: Just head left. You can go up and enter the room above to get the treasure, but I think it’s worthless.

Floor 3: Just walk right.

Floor 4: Head straight down and then right.

Floor 3 (again): From where you started head down, left, down, left again, and take the stairs.

Floor 4 (again): Go down where you can and you’ll get there!

Floor 5: There are 8 pathways here, but only 2 lead to where you want to go. First, head left. You will come to a room with a chest. You’ll have to fight a Red D to get the treasure from the chest. It should go down in 1 hit. Equip the Flame Armor once you get it.

The next path you should take is the Southwestern path (just south of where you are). There, you will find the fiend’s room. Make sure you’ve healed yourself before you enter… Prepare to fight the Fiend of Fire – Kary!


Use FAST on your fighters and then hack away with physical attacks. It’s pretty easy – if you’re level 14+ you should kill her with ease.

Once you are done, step on the altar to teleport out of the Volcano.