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Chapter 3: Elfland

Recommended Level: 7 to 10

  • Marsh Cave: Large Dagger, 680 G, Short Sword, 620 G, Iron Armor, Copper Bracelet, House, 385 G, 295G, Silver Bracelet, Silver Dagger, 1020 G.
  • Northwest Castle: Falchon, Power Staff, Iron Gauntlet
  • Temple of Fiends: Rune Sword, Were sword, Soft
  • Castle of Coneria: Iron Shield, Iron Armor, Sabre, Iron Staff, Silver Dagger
  • Dwarf Cave: Cabin, Iron Helmet, Dragon Sword, Silver Armor, Silver Dagger, Wooden Helmet, 575 G, House

Recommended Equipment:

  • Fighters: Silver sword, IronArmor, Some helmet.
  • Red Mage: Rune Sword, Iron Armor, Cap.

Now that you are all done with the current world exploration, let’s continue our quest. The next place you should visit is Elfland. First, go East from Pravoka and then south to reach the port. Next, unboard your ship and walk southwards.

If you bother to visit the shops here, you will notice that everything has become much more expensive. The main thing you want here is 1 Silver Sword (only 1; not 4). It costs 4000 G, but you should almost have that much (if you followed my directions). For more money, just wander around the Elfland area to level up and gain some cash. Once you get the Silver Sword, give it to your second fighter.

The other 3 things you want from this place are: LIT2 (1500 G), CUR2 (1500 G) and FAST (4000 G). Before you go all frantic (“I’ll never have that much cash!”), I can say that you only need the first 2 spells before completing the next quest – FAST can wait.

You should keep on leveling up until you reach LV7. This way, you won’t loose so easily in the next (actually, your first) dungeon. All this fighting and training should also get you enough G to at least buy the Silver Sword and LIT2.

Before you go anywhere, you must stock up on Heal and Pure potions. Take no less than 50 Heal potions (3000 G) and 20 Pure potions (1500 G). I know it’s a lot of cash, but you can easily get it by fighting monsters. Please remember that you will level up and get stronger, hence, it’s all for your own good. Oh, make sure you buy at least 1 Tent.

This whole money gaining/training should NOT take longer than 1 hour. In fact, it can take you as little as 30 minutes. You can survive that, can’t you?

Marsh Cave

Afterwards, use the inn and go to the Marsh Cave. To get there, walk northeast, go around the mountain range, and then hike south (see the world map for more details).

Because the monsters inside are pretty difficult, it is suggested that you run from all the battles the first time you walk through this cave. When you revisit it, just fight to get more G and EXP.

Since we want to collect everything from the Marsh Cave, head north once you enter. You’ll soon come to some stairs. Go down these stairs and you will arrive at in the basement with the following treasures: Large Dagger (keep it so you can sell it later), 680 G, Short Sword (equip it on the third fighter now), and 620 G.

From there, head back to the entrance of the cave and head southwards. You’ll come to a room with another set of stairs – take it downward.

Level 2

From where you started, head straight down, then west, and into the room. Walk straight out the other end. Take the stairs afterwards.

Level 3

Walk into the room next to you and pick up the Iron Armor that is there (equip it immediately!). After that, walk straight down and enter the room that is to the west of you. You’ll pick up a Copper Bracelet (you can sell it later on). Now check out the room to the east of you to get a HOUSE. Now, from where you are, walk straight down and enter that room. Heal yourself; there’s a boss fight coming up!


You will fight a random number of these. The best way to defeat them is to use your LIT2 spell and hope for a lot of damage. Make sure your fighters are attacking in full force. At LV7, these baddies should be no problem (unless you’re unlucky and fight like 4 or 5 of them). Be sure to pick up the CROWN after the fight.

OK, you’ve gotten what you wanted, but I still don’t think you’re quite done with the Marsh Cave! Please note that the four rooms at the south of the third level of Marsh Cave are all locked by the Mystic Key. Don’t even bother going there yet. From where you are right now, head east, enter the room and get the 385 G from the chest. Keep on going east (the treasure chest there is empty), and go all the way up to the last room in the corner to find another chest with 295 G. Now you are done with the Marsh Cave (for now, that is). If your health is good, feel free to fight more monsters (as opposed to running away) – I reached LV8 here.

Northwest Castle

Right now, I suggest you head straight for the Northwest Castle. From Marsh Cave, walk North and you’ll get there. Heal yourself and use the Tent outside to save; you have a boss fight with the Dark Elf soon.


Astos will start the fight with RUB. If it hits you, just restart (you’ll start from the save spot you made with the Tent, which should be right next to the Northwest Castle). Other than that, the strategy is simply attack and use LIT2. If he didn’t have RUB, this should be a very easy fight (Unfortunately, it took me 8 restarts). You’ll receive Matoya’s Crystal when you win.