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Chapter 8: Sea Shrine

Recommended Level: 15 to 18

  • Sea Shrine Floor 2: Opal Armor
  • Sea Shrine Floor 1: Opal Shield, Opal Bracelet, Opal Helmet, SLAB
  • Sea Shrine Floor 4: Ribbon

Recommended Equipment:

  • Fighters: Opal Stuff
  • Red Mage: Defense Sword, Gold Bracelet, Cap.

Go back to Crescent Lake for some healing. Don’t forget to buy the EXIT (and maybe LIT3) spell.

From here, you should go to the Caravan. It is located in the desert west of the town of Onrac (it’s where the waterfall is). Due to a bug in the game, it is possible to land the Airship on a desert square – the Caravan. Re-enter the square to enter the Caravan, and buy the Bottle from him.

Now that you have the Bottle, go back to the town of Gaia, buy Ice3 (although you might not get to a high enough level to even use it), walk to the north part of the town and use the Bottle at the spring. A fairy will pop up and give you the Oxyale.

With the Oxyale, you should head for the town of Onrac (the one west of Cardia).

Onrac Town

There isn’t a lot to do in the town of Onrac. Make sure you’ve stocked up on Heal Potions, use the Inn, and then talk to the girl standing in the eastern-most part of the town. You will enter the Sea Shrine.

Sea Shrine

Please note that the Sea Shrine, although being a pretty easy dungeon, is very long. Therefore, you should have loads of Heal Potions with you. Remember that all water enemies are weak against LIT type spells (did you buy that LIT3?). Although, the Sea Shrine also has loads of money and equipment, I’m not going to bother with it. Let’s face it: you should have enough money to get you through the end of the game without any trouble. The only thing I suggest you get is the Opal Armor/Shield/Bracelet as they are the best in the game (for your Knight and Red Wizard, respectively).

Whether you fight or run from the enemies you encounter is up to you. If you are level 17 or higher, then it should be OK to run. If you are lower, fight them – it’ll just make you stronger. One enemy you should watch out for is the Water – you can’t run from them. Don’t forget Ghosts: these guys are just way too powerful. Use everything you’ve got against them (can’t run from these guys, either!)

Floor 3: (That’s right, you start off from Floor 3) Nothing all that great here. Walk upwards and then right to reach the stairs to Floor 2.

Floor 2: Go left as much as possible and then upwards. You will come to a chest with the Opal Armor. From there, walk straight down as much as you can and then walk right. You will come to the stairs.

Floor 1: This one is full of Mermaids. Make sure you check the treasure chests to get the Opal Bracelet (in the room right above you), the Opal Shield (in the southeast-most room) and the SLAB. You can get the Opal Helmet too, if you wish. Feel free to get the money as well, but it’s not as important.

Next, walk back to Floor 3. Exit back to Onrac, save at the Inn, and head back to the Shrine.

From Floor 3, take the stairs in the upper-left corner to get to Floor 4.

Floor 4: Walk upwards

Floor 3 (again): Ohhh… the difficulty involved in this…

Floor 2 (again): See above.

Floor 3 (yet again): Well…not that you can get lost…

Floor 4 (again): Alright, this part is the one that really has something good in it – the Ribbon. Walk left until the first junction and then up until you enter the room. Get the Ribbon there and the money if you wish. Walk out of the room, head north, then left, and you’ll get to Floor 5.

Floor 5: (This level has no treasure.) To begin, walk up, left, up, left, down, left, and then enter the room. Next, walk up, exit the room, walk up, and enter Kraken’s room.

As you have a boss battle coming up, heal with potions. Make sure you have full HP and then talk to the orb. The Fiend of Water, Kraken, will appear.


This guy is easy. I didn’t even heal before the battle (even though I told you to) and I still defeated him with ease. Use your Red Wizard to cast FAST on your fighters and then make him use LIT2 (you most likely don’t have spell points for LIT3). After that, just use physicals until his 800 HP run out. End of battle.

Once you are done with Kraken, there is just one fiend left!