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NOTE: You better get everything in here, you cannot enter Bevelle Temple after this event is over.

You’ll fight through a series of battles, you can blind the machina, but you’ll also encounter Warrior Monks. They are sorta like Guado Guardians, take them out first and deal with the rest later. Take out the Warrior Monk with the flamethrower first…he’ll do a good deal of damage to all party members. Blind the Ykt-63(the kung fu machina) first…his Thrust Kick will knock a party member out of the battle. But unlike escaping, if your party member loses this battle you’ll have to start over again.

Now after you’ve defeated the monsters and witnessed a shocking event, head towards the Temple…and you can expect another trial. Before the save point on the hallway is an Al Bhed Primer Vol.XXII, it’s just after the stairs and it’s a darkish brown color. Now go into the trials and push the pedestal with the sphere in it. This is the most tricky of all trials so far. When you first descend, just continue on. Now when you are on the moving platform press X when you hit an “intersection” with an arrow turning right to turn into a pedestal with a Bevelle Sphere in it. Now you will see two Bevelle Spheres, take the sphere from the back and place it on the pedestal. The pedestal should have two spheres, push it onto the walkway and then proceed back up.

When you reach back to the initial platform take the second right and place one Bevelle Sphere from the pedestal onto the slot. This will open a new platform below. Push the pedestal back and you’ll be on the initial walkway again, now take the first left(you will have to either let yourself fall off the runway to begin again or use the up and down arrows to turn 180 and take a right instead). Now put the Bevelle Sphere onto the pedestal and then push it back and go to the beginning of the path again(choose the up and down arrow, down). Now continue down and take the first right, then take a left(this left arrow was previously inaccessible).

At the end of the path take a right. Now take one Bevelle Sphere from the pedestal and place it on the slot to the left. This will make a bridge appear. Push the pedestal back onto the platform and let yourself fall off the go back to the 3 direction pad again. Now continue straight down the same path you were on before and take the second to last right. Now you will see a Glyph Sphere at the end of the path, place it onto the pedestal.

Push the pedestal back and go back to the 3 direction pad. Now at this pad take the down(or up, where you last revealed a bridge) path. Now pick up the Glyph Sphere from the pedestal and place it on the slot to remove the glyph. Pick up the Destruction Sphere and do not place it on the pedestal, instead push the pedestal back onto the path and go back to the 3 direction pad.

Take the second to last right again, then place the Destruction Sphere onto the slot. This should reveal a new path to the right. Go back and push the platform onto the 3 direction pad. Go back to the area where you had inserted the Glyph Sphere to remove the glyph(basically take the first right when you come back onto the platform after putting the Destruction Sphere in or go back to the 3 direction pad, choose down, then take the last right) and take the Bevelle Sphere and place it onto the pedestal. Push the pedestal back onto the path and go back to the 3 direction pad.

Now from here take the second right, then push the pedestal across OPPOSITE from the direction you came from, basically opposite of the green arrow. You should find yourself in front of some steps. Now go up and pick up the HP Sphere, this will reveal a floor switch. Step on it and then the pedestal shall appear. Take one Bevelle Sphere and place it on the slot and then push the pedestal onto the new slot. Pick up the Knight Lance and you should automatically go back. Now go across to the right. Whew…end of that!

Now when you reach Yuna you will be arrested, but you’ll receive, by far, your most powerful summon yet. Now you will later control Yuna after a series of shocking events. You will have to fight a lot of these battles alone, but summoning should help a great deal and Yuna fighting alone means tons of AP. You’ll find Kimahri and the right side and up. Further up the path you found Kimahri is Auron. Continue to follow up the red arrow. You will meet Isaaru…apparently he must fight you. You will have to fight 3 Aeons.

Grothia, Pterya, Spathi

You will fight “Ifrit” first. Avoid using Shiva since he has a Overdrive ready. Instead use Valefor or Ixion and use Shield. Infact, use Shield everytime the summon has an Overdrive ready. Have your summons attack like they normally would and use their own magic(except for Bahamut and Valefor) against them to heal them. The last boss, “Bahamut”, is quite a pain to deal with. Use Shield to block the Mega Flare attack…otherwise it’s a sure fire victory. “Bahamut” will continue to do this over and over again…just attack him as normal and repeat the Shield process…then the battle should be over. You should be able to gain an Overdrive in this battle to finish off Spathi. Note that in this battle, even though he summons same aeons with different names, you cannot summon the same summon he summons.

Now swim your way all the way to the gates.

Evrae Altana

Use two Phoenix Downs in this battle to kill it. Otherwise open the locks behind you and unpetrify any character. Blind it if you can and use Lightning Marbles or Grenades to damage it. Blinding and unpetrification is the key to winning this battle. Now swim your way out and you will meet up with your other party members. Kinoc will later be dead(yay), and you will later encounter Seymour. It looks like Kimahri will stay behind…but knowing Square, yeah right.

Seymour Natus, Mortibody

Talk with Seymour to boost your characters’ stats. Mortibody will probably be the key to your victory. It will drain Seymour’s HP to replenish it’s own and will use Cure on Seymour. You can use Reflect on Seymour to counter this and have it heal your party. Have Yuna cast Protect and Shell on your characters and have Tidus cast Hastaga or Haste on your party. Summoning in this battle will be a pain and you should only use them if you have an Overdrive ready since Seymour will banish them. Shiva’s Overdrive will do 9999 damage to this boss, so don’t bother with Bahamut unless you’ve boosted Yuna’s stats so much that he can perform well over 9999 HP of damage. When you start to lose Seymour Natus to about 3000 HP and under and attack the Mortibody, the Mortibody will suck life out of Seymour and replenish his HP. This can be very annoying, but there are times when it doesn’t cure Seymour. Use that opportunity to strike Seymour to finish him off. When Seymour casts Protect on himself, it’s best to use magic…not unless you’ve boosted Tidus’ and Auron’s attack power(my Auron did about 2200 HP of damage even with Protect). If you have some of the wussy spells(like Fire, Water, etc.), don’t bother using them…unless your magic power is so high that it will deal at least 1000 HP of damage per cast. Each time you knock off the Mortibody it will have it’s maximum HP drop off by 1000 until it reaches 1000. The Mortibody’s physical attacks are something to laugh about since they only do about 300 HP of damage(hopefully you developed your characters so much that it only does that much damage), but it will use the Desperado attack that can deal up to 600 HP of damage to all party members, which is something to worry about depending on your HP. Having high powered physical attack characters in this battle is a must since summons will be immediately banished anyways.