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Feel free to save your game when you get off the ship. Now head to the top left part of the docks and witness the “Sending.” Now head out of the inn and make sure to check the surrounding huts for Vol. IV of the Al Bhed Primer. Now talk with Wakka, and despite how cold hearted he may sound, head to the temple afterwards…which is continously to the left.

Yuna will want Tidus to come with him…but although we can assume why, we aren’t entirely sure what’s on Yuna’s mind about Tidus coming with her. You will get a bit of an explanation about Kimhari’s Lancet ability during battle. Continue on and go ahead and fight Lord Ochu, it’s really not as hard as you might expect.

Lord Ochu

You can start out with Tidus, Lulu, and Kimhari. Have Tidus and Kimhari attack as normal and have Lulu cast fire spells. When you are poisoned bring in Yuna afterwards and have her use Esuna and heal the party if neccessary. After you’ve scored a good 600-800 HP of damage summon Valefor, and have it attack with fire spells. If you’re fortunate enough, Valefor’s overdrive should initiate in this battle and it’s Energy Ray can do a good 1000-1100 HP worth of damage. If it falls asleep just attack it, don’t try to heal since the Ochu will heal itself when it falls asleep. The Earthquake attack can be avoided during the summon…otherwise try to keep your HP to the max if possible and heal the poison status ASAP.

After the battle save your game and continue on. Make sure to talk with the lady on your way to receive a HiPotion and continue to her right and you’ll eventually reach Sinspawn.


First attack the Tentacles…otherwise your magic will become useless. Once the Tentacles are out of the way attack with magic at the Sinspawn…you won’t be able to damage it much when it’s closed…but once it opens up after it drops under 2000 HP you’ll deal significantly more damage to it. Make sure you heal the Poison status caused by the Venom attack ASAP and attack as normal while keeping your HP above 200.

Make your way to the Temple and a few events will transpire about Chappu and the upcoming Blitzball tournament. Pray at the temple and an event should occur with Lady Dona, and later head up inside the center of the temple. You’ll have to go through another Cloister of Trials. Now take the Kilika Sphere and continue through, but remove the sphere to negate the flames. Place the Kilika Sphere all the way at the end, then remove it once the glyph appears and set it on either side of the walls. Then touch the glyph, and then take the other sphere(Glyph sphere) and place it on the opposite wall of the Kilika Sphere.

Walk into the flaming room and to the right is a switch which will move the pedestal to the room you are in. Now take the Kilika Sphere from the right wall (NOT the one in the previous room) and place it on the pedestal. Go back to the previous room and take the Glyph Sphere and put it in the slot where you had just taken the Kilika Sphere from. Push the pedestal onto the switch and then go down from the left and pick up the Kilika Sphere and place it on the door at the end. Now go to the room you had just opened up and pick up the Destruction Sphere and place it on the wall where you had just picked up the Kilika Sphere and placed it on the door up front. Pick up the Red Armlet and take the Kilika Sphere from the door and continue on through.

Talk to Lulu and Wakka a couple times and try to leave the room, and Yuna will come out. You will now be able to summon Ifrit. Return back to the village and back to the ship. You can test out Ifrit if you want. Now embark to Luca.