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Salvage Ship

After the battle you’ll encounter your first experience with the language of Al Bhed. Unfortunately you have no idea what they’re talking about and before you begin to take off you are knock unconscious by the girl who helped you in battle. On the boat talk with the girl, she’ll tell you about the Sphere Grid along with a visual presentation.

You are welcomed to save your game now. Talk to one of the guards and receive 3 Potions and talk to the girl…this will immediately begin your mission. Don’t forget to pick up the Al Bhed book to the right of the Save Point.

As you dive down, towards the bottom right part of the screen. Keep swimming down towards the center and check the control grid to let you through. Follow the map through to the other room and check the generator, but as soon as you leave out of the room you’ll be confronted.


When the battle first starts have ???? steal 3 grenades from Tros. Unlike the last enemy you fought with her, you can’t steal an infinite amount of grenades. Keep attack as normal, using your grenades and Tidus’ regular attacks. Keep your HP above 200 and when Tros goes out of range, either heal or use potions to keep your HP up. It’s Nautilus Charge will do about 150 to 190 points of damage…so use a potion every now and then and keep alert.

Afterwards swim to where ???? is and head out, from here on out just dive and keep following ????. Later Tidus will fill his stomach up and Rikku and Tidus will talk for a while after revealing her name. You’ll soon learn later that Zanarkland was perished 1000 years ago, yet it was Tidus who just witnessed Sin not too long ago.

Talk to Rikku and you’ll learn a little more about your current situation, but as Tidus starts to wonder a collision of sorts occur and Tidus finds himself into the water again. It seems like you’ve reached lands Tidus can get use to…Blitzball seems to be the hype around Besaid Beach.