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Head up to the deck and talk with Yuna and head up to the port and evesdrop on Lulu and Wakka. Keep walking up and listen to Wakka and Lulu and check the cabin just below to pick up Al Bhed Primer Vol. V. Check the blitzball up on the port of the boat and Tidus will go into a dream state again. You’ll be prompted to attempt a Jecht Shot, but the problem with this is that there is no prompt telling you what to do. You have to take consideration of where the ball is and press the button motions(like Down-right if it appears in the down-right position). If you are successful you will be able to use the Jecht Shot for use in Blitzball.

You’ll get greeted to the preparations of the Blitzball tournament, and obviously the Besaid Aurochs are huge underdogs this year…again. When you reach the locker room you’ll go over some of the provisionals of blitzball. It seems like a much more tedious game than it should be and the tutorials are a task within itself. After the tutorial you’ll be off to find Auron, but first head downstairs and take the left stairs and pick up the Al Bhed Primer Vol. VI on the floor behind the opposing team. Now go ahead and search for Auron, but you won’t find Auron. Instead you find Kimhari’s old friends.

You’ll soon learn that Yuna has been kidnapped by the Al Bhed Psyches and for her safe return you must lose the game. However, Tidus and the party decides to go look for her while Wakka takes care of the game. You’ll encounter a lot of Workers along the way as well as a boss.


This boss isn’t too hard. Have Lulu use Lightning on the crane a couple of times until it responds. Have Tidus use the Crane on Oblitzerator and it’ll deal a couple thousand HP of damage to it…that gives the party enough room to finish it off.

Later Wakka will win the match for the team(how does their hair stay still in the water like that?), but Tidus will take over for the injured Wakka. You’ll have to bear with this game, it’s easily not the best of games and it places many restrictions. You don’t have to win the game…it’s near impossible to win the game since it’s based on stats rather than skill. If you are down late in the game Wakka will come in. It still won’t matter however, the Goers will win anyways.

However, before the party can celebrate “their best” a few Sahagin Chiefs will attack you. Afterwards you will find Auron and join in a tough battle with a Garuda. But before you fight another battle the Maester’s Aeon takes care of them.

You’ll later learn the truth behind Sin and Auron will offer to become a guardian for Yuna. Also you can pick up the Al Bhed Primer Vol. VII, it’s located on the floor in the lobby…you’ll have to take the left path on your way to seeing Auron offer his services to Yuna. Also note that it’s not the lobby before the Blitzball locker rooms, it’s a room with red carpeting…once you find the room you shouldn’t miss it. After Yuna accepts, talk with her and after a little scene…head off.