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Besaid Beach

Swim up to the shore line and later talk with Wakka. He’ll cheer up Tidus a bit and pretty much rephrase what Rikku had told you earlier. Now follow Wakka and swim to the red target, and Tidus will later agree to joining Wakka’s Blitzball team. Keep following the red arrow, and as you reach the arrow Wakka will show you the prayer…look familiar?

In the town take a chance to visit all the lodges and familiarize yourself with this area. You’ll encounter the Crusaders, and here you’ll learn about the history of the Crusaders and the lack of success they’ve had against Sin.

Now head into the center of town and check the statues and you’ll soon learn a something called “High Summoners.” Apparently only a few select chosen can be a High Summoner and if you talk to some of the people they won’t answer you since it is against the teachings. Now head out of the temple and head to Wakka’s lodge, which is to the top right of the lower part of town. Take a nap and Tidus will go into one of his dream states, and apparently this is an event of Tidus’ younger self. Now as you wake up return back to the Besaid Temple and you’ll learn a little more about the ritual of a summoner…or potential summoner.

However, Tidus decides to go in and look for the summoner but the rest of the town folks cannot disobey the precepts. Now when you start in the Cloister of Trials you’ll have to pick the correct path…but the game pretty much gives it away anyways. Touch the center glyph then the right glyph, and now take the Glyph Sphere to the bottom door of the stairs. Now as the door opens check the door panel and take back the Glyph Sphere and proceed through. Put the sphere to the next available slot and instead of going through that path, head down the same corridor and touch the symbols across from the pedestal and take the Besaid Sphere. Now put the Besaid Sphere on the pedestal. Now leave the pedestal alone and go back to where you put the Glyph Sphere.

Pick up the Destruction Sphere and put it where you found the Besaid Sphere earlier. Now pick up the Rod of Wisdom and now push the pedestal to the center. Now as you do Wakka will come in and tell you a little more about Guardians and Summoners and as you approach frather down a bit you’ll get your first look at a few of the main characters you will later approach in the game. Now head out of the Temple and to the center of town and you’ll witness Yuna’s first summon.

Later in the night Tidus will have his first encounter with the Blitzball team he’ll team up with. Now walk over to the left and talk with Yuna. The upcoming decision on whether Yuna is cute or not won’t really affect the outcome of any scenario…it’s just there for fun. Now talk with Wakka and take a good night’s rest. Tidus will go into one of this dream states, but the exception this time is that you will get the opportunity to control Tidus. Head and talk with Yuna and a sort of nightmare will ensue, and as you wake up you’ll discover a little more about Wakka and his brother Chappu, who apparently looks like Tidus. Don’t forget the Al Bhed Primer Vol. II at the front desk of the inn. It’s on the floor just near the entrance of the tent.

In the morning save your game and head out. Wakka will give you a Brotherhood sword and later you will encounter a couple of unavoidable, but easy battles. Take this opportunity to try a few things with Wakka. You’ll get a chance to get some magic experience as well, so feel free to dish out whatver you like from Lulu’s arsenal. Now continue up and pray if you wish(it won’t affect anything potential) and continue on.

You’ll encounter Kimhari, attack him constantly. He only has 750 HP, so a few hits from Tidus will knock him down. If by a chance you lose down to 140 HP or below, heal up…otherwise his Jump attack will get you. You’ll acquire a Hunter’s Sword after the battle and your health will be fully restored. Continue on, but you’ll encounter another battle to learn the skills of, yep, you guessed it, Yuna. Summons are a lot different from what you are accustomed to from the last Final Fantasy games. Keep going on and when you reach a save point, do what any any RPG veteran would do, save your game.