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Djose Highroad

Note, this is the first time in the game you will hear Kimahri speak. Make your way up the road and after you pick up the first treasure chest, search behind a jagged rock just ahead to the right side of the road and pick up the Al Bhed Primer Vol.XI. Also talk with the people around these roads, they’ll occassionally give you something.

As you arrive at the Temple speak with Yuna, or at least try to. You can expect another trial too. When you enter the Temple, pick up both the Spheres and place them on the door in front to open them. Now pick up a Sphere from the door(either one) up front and place that sphere on any one of the slots on the right side of the room. Do the same for the other sphere. Now push the pedestal onto the platform below the energy machina you just started.

Now take the charged Djose Sphere and put it on the slot to the right of the center door. Now go back to the right wall and take the two Djose Spheres and place them on the pedestal. Now go to the left part of the room and step on the switch to move the pedestal back to the center and push the pedestal into the lightning pit. Now that you can jump across, push the pedestal up front and go back to the previous room and step on the switch on the left side of the room.

NOTE: If you head upstairs before picking up the Magic Sphere, you can NEVER pick up the Magic Sphere from the Djose Temple again…unless you do the whole trials thing…which is essential for one of the more powerful summons in the game.

Now pick up the two Djose Spheres on the pedestal and go back to the first room and place them on either side of the walls. Go back to the charged Djose Sphere on the right from the door leading to the lightning pit and place it on the left side of the door. Now take the lift to the upper level. Now in here are five pedestals, push them all into the wall. A stairway is revealed, but go back down on the lift. Now look at the left wall and touch the glyph to reveal a Destruction Sphere. Return to the upper level and place it on the center pedestal to receive a Magic Sphere.

Now head upstairs and wait for Yuna(talk to Auron) to come out. You’ll receive a new Aeon(Ixion). In the morning, go to the back of the inn and check the treasure chest for the switch hitter. Go back inside and talk with the person near Yuna(she’s on the left chamber) to wake her up.

As you head out, talk with the people on the bridge to receive various items.