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The Calm Lands

Now you’ll be in the Calm Lands. You can’t go back to Bevelle since the guards will block your way. Save your game and talk with Yuna, who is at the bottom. Talking with her will ensue probably the climax of the whole game. Enjoy it and return back to the party. Now in the morning go back to the woods behind you and check the treasure chest for a Lucid Ring, then continue on and save your game. Now when you reach the mountain side head over to the top left and pick up the Al Bhed Primer.

Watch for the Malboros in the field, any Final Fantasy fan would know that these guys hit you with more negative status effects than you can prevent. It’s probably best to run away or to use your summons to defeat it. They are very annoying…and yes, I have lost to them several times and have became amazingly fustrated…what is it with Square that keeps reusing this pile of garbage for an enemy anyways? I mean at least give us a chance to prevent the status effects. But eh…you can’t do anything about it, and I probably shouldn’t let one enemy ruin an entire game…but I’ll just do this now…you can cram your little Malboro, Square.

Head for the save point and you can ride the chocobo if you want, but details on riding it will be explained later in the Side Areas section. Head for the marker and save your game.

Defender X

Ouch. The HP is twice as much as Evrae, and if that battle wasn’t hard enough. Have Auron hit the thing with Dark Break, Mental Break, and Armor Break. Have Lulu use her second level spells, have Wakka use Dark Attack to blind it(though chances are low since it is highly resistant to it). This battle requires that you keep your characters alive. If they fall use a Phoenix Down or Life, but if their HP is below 1900, then don’t bother healing them at full. Keeping your characters alive is the key to winning this battle. All 3 characters should always be alive and no more than 1 character should be down…if you don’t have enough Phoenix Downs go back (yes, walk all the way back) and buy about 30. If you just followed this walkthrough and did not level up then chances are you will have to buy at least that many as I’m assuming your characters cannot take the hits too well from this guy. If you’re only taking 1200 damage from him then you’ve leveled up extremely well. All this guy does are physical attacks. His Blast Punch will take half of your HP off, but blinding it won’t prevent the Blast Punch. When you drop it to below 10000 or around that much it will cast Mighty Guard. At this point Lulu’s magic will be in effective…since it has NulTide, NulFrost, NulShock, and NulFlame on. Use one magic spell(Watera, Fira, etc.) and then use it again, it will be ineffective the first time but it will break the barrier down. All your attacks pretty much will do half damage, but there is little that you can do about it. This boss will attack hard, so your Overdrives will build up quickly and you will be able to use them several times. Cast Protect on all party members and caste Haste or Hastaga on all party members to speed things up. Bring Yuna in for the closing rounds of the battle and hope that she gets hit several times to build her Overdrive. Then when the boss has about 9999 HP or less, and if Yuna’s Overdrive is built have her call Shiva’s Diamond Dust to finish it off for 9900 AP instead of 6600. Go back and save your game and continue on through.