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Submerged Ruins

Afterwards, an FMV breaks through. You’ll soon find yourself adrift in water. Swim down to where the little boy is on the platform. As you reach him, Tidus’ mind starts to wander and you find yourself in pretty much the middle of nowhere. Swim up to the top left part of the map, and you’ll find an Al Bhed translator. Unfortunately it doesn’t do you much good, but try to find some place in your memory to store the location of it. Also on the same platform is a treasure chest containing 2 Potions.

Now head to the top center of the map and save your game. As you make your way through Tidus will fall to the waters below. If it wasn’t anymore obvious make your way to the center glowing orb. You’ll encounter some Piranhas, but after killing two a giant Geosgaeno comes after you. Attack it a few times, but you’ll soon notice that your chances are slim in beating this thing. Just attack and Tidus will take care of the rest.

Make your way up the stairs, but as you do it gets colder. Go the leftover campfire in the middle, but you’ll need some materials to start a fire. Head up the to top left through the door and up the stairs and pick up the Withered Bouquet and pick up a HiPotion in the other room. Return to the center room and at the bottom left door, pick up the Flint inside and start the fire.

Tidus will go into one of his dreams, and for the first time since the incident you’ll see Auron. However, as the fire goes out so does some of Tidus’ chances of surviving.


This battle shouldn’t be hard. You’ll exchange hits before a mysterious girl comes to your aid. You can steal Grenades if you run out from Klikk and chuck them back at it. Just use a series of grenades and Tidus’ attacks and you should be through. Heal if your HP drops below 100.