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Mythril Mine / Fort Condor

Head north east onto another screen. Go up the steps and pick up the Ether to the right and the Tent in the chest. Climb up the brown vine on the left hand side. Pick up the pink Long Range materia. Go back down the vine and go back to the entrance. Go east and south under the arch. Go right to a chest with a Mind Source in. Go back to the arch and go left and up to the next screen. You meet the Turks, Rude, Elena and Tseng. When they leave go north, not up the vines. Get the Elixer in the chest and the Hi-Potion on the floor. Go back to where you meet the Turks, climb up the vines and go out the door.

You’ll be back on the World Map. Go forward to see an area of brown land. Keep going and you’ll see a structure will a golden bird on top. This is Fort Condor. Talk to the man here. He’ll tell you where Junon is, and if you choose the bottom option, he’ll let you inside. You can rest and save in the room to the right (go down the rope) and to the north east there are Materia and Item shops (although there’s nothing new). Talk to everyone but I don’t think you should give loads of money to these people as you should save it for weapons and such, as you don’t need to go here to continue in your quest. To use the Materia and Item shops you need to talk to the man at the table and say you will help them, if you don’t the people won’t sell you anything. When you are done return to the World Map.

Head towards the forests to the north-west(You can also fight Yuffie in these forests – See Side Quests). Go through them towards a brown hill near the coast. There is a big gun sticking out towards the sea. This is Junon, enter it.