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Costa de Sol

You will exit the ship and your friends will talk for a while. When they all leave go southeast to the next screen. The Shinra helicopter will show up and Rufus and Heidegger will get out. They will talk for a bit, then the scene will switch back to Cloud. Go over the bridge and down the stairs. Go all the way right and down the stairs to the beach. You can talk to Hojo here but you won’t get anything amazingly wonderful out of it. In the building to the right of the bridge, there is a Power Souce and a Motor Drive in the basement to the right. There is also a Fire Ring in the chest. You can meet Mukki in the Bar if you REALLY want to. Go under the bridge to get to the world map.

Go towards the mountains in the southwest. There’s a path running through them, go over it. At the end of the path, you’ll see a cave to the left. Go up the path and talk to the guy here. Go north towards the light. Keep going north until you get to a Mako Reactor. Don’t go inside just keep going south down the stairs. Go down the train tracks, there’s a Save Point here. At certain points the track will break and will you can press O to jump over the gap, don’t. While falling hold left or right and keep hitting O. Depending on which way you fall you’ll get a different item. If you fall left, you’ll get a Wizard Staff. If you fall right you’ll get a Star Pendant, you don’t get anything if you fall in the middle. You get three chances to fall down, so try to get all the items. There’s one on the lower track, one on the top to the left and another to the right of the gap. There is a W Machine Gun to the left of the top gap and a Turbo Ether and a Transform Materia to the right of the top gap. Go on the top track to the right and on the next screen your friends should be on the lower track. If they’re not there you need to go back, go down the lower track and call them with the PHS. Keep going right and go inside the shed and choose the top option. Go down a bit until you hear birds chirping and climb up the wall. Choose the top option and you’ll fight a Cokatolis which is just incredibly easy so just attack it and you’ll get 10 Phoenix Downs.

Go back the way you came and go down to the lower track and over the bridge. Follow the track. Go to the left, then down. Keep going left until you come to a cave. You can get a Tent, Mind Source and a Power Source here. Go back up to the track. Keep going south along the REALLY long bridge. Eventually you will end up in North Corel.