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Temple of the Ancients

Go across the bridge and up the stairs. Examine the black creature at the top of the stairs, then enter. You will see Tseng here and he will give you the Keystone back. Examine the stone altar in the middle to put the Keystone in and enter the temple itself.

The layout of the temple is pretty confusing so from where you entered go up, left, up and down the stairs. Go into the opening above you, right and down the vines. Go under the stairs to reach a chest with a Trident inside. Keep going right and down the stairs. Climb the vines here, go left past the opening (which you can’t go into yet) and up the stairs nearby. The old man in blue will run away. Climb up the vines after him and pick up the Mind Source here. Go down the stairs and enter the room the man went into. Get the Silver Rifle from the chest and talk to the man. Talk to him again to buy items, rest and save your game. When you are done, go back outside, up the stairs and down the vines.

Now go down. You arrive near a green item, it’s a Turbo Ether. Go down the long set of stairs, go left and down the smaller set of stairs. Go to the left again, down the vines and pick up the Rocket Punch in the chest. Down the stairs again and up the vines. Go up the stairs, through the arch and down the stairs (go right). Climb up the vines here. Go under the stairs to get the Lucky Plus materia. Go back down the vines, and through the archway. Down the stairs and to the left. Go through the arches here to get to a room with boulders rolling by. To get past them you need to time your movements so that you are in the hollow arch when the boulders roll by. When you get to pool, pick up the Morph materia here and continue right. Once you get to the pool, if you get hit by a boulder, you will only have to restart at the pool not at the beginning. At the end, Aeris will go back to the pool. You will talk to her for a while and then you will see a flashback of Tseng and Elena looking a wall with murals on. Sephiroth shows up, and makes a double of himself (very freaky!). Sephiroth’s double will descend on the pool, then fly away. Go to the right, and you can rest and save at the old man here. Go south.

There is a talking clock here, and you need to align it’s hands with various passageways. I suggest first pressing Triangle to move the hands yourself, then you can make the minute hand move anticlockwise with Triangle, and clockwise with O. You start off at passageway X so move the long hand to passageway IIII, and press X. You’ll get Aeris’s Ultimate Weapon, the Princess Guard in the chest here. Go back to the clock, and keep moving the hand until the hour hand reaches passage IIII, which is where you are. Line the other hand up to passage VII and press X. You’ll get the Trumpet Shell here. Go back to the clock, and move the hands so that one is at passage VII and one at VIII. Get the Megalixer in the chest and return to the clock. Now stand on one of the hands and wait for the second hand to come round. It will hit you off the hand you are on, and you will arrive in a room with a chest. Before you can open it, you are attacked. Simply use Demi magic, and Summons if you want. They aren’t hard at all, you can even Manipulate them. You might wanna watch out for their Southern Cross attack though. When you have beaten them, you’ll get a Turbo Ether. Get the Nail Bat from the chest and head out the door to the south. You’ll be back in the area with the vines and stairs, where the passageway is that you couldn’t go through before. Make your way back to the clock, and make the hands point to where you are and passage VI.

You’ll see another old man here, who will run away with the key to the door here. You need to work out his route and catch him at an exit. First of all, go to the bottom level and pick up the Work Glove in the chest. When you have caught the man, rest and save. Make you way back to the top and go through the door. You’ll meet Sephiroth and keep going right to see him again. He’ll talk about becoming one with the Planet and Meteor. Cloud will go freaky once again, and appear to have his own double. After he comes to his senses you’ll hear Sephiroth and be attacked…

Red Dragon

This dragon can be tough if you are at low levels, but start off by Hasting yourself, Slowing the dragon if you can and using Magic Barrier if you have it. Use your best Summon materia, but not Demi magic. Try to use Limit Breaks and phyiscal attacks. Fire will heal this boss so don’t use that. You’ll get a Dragon Armlet at the end.

Pick up the Summon Bahamut materia, and equip it to someone. Try to go out the door to find you’re locked it, so go to the right and examine the yellow object here. Choose whatever option, and eventually Cait Sith will ring on the PHS. Choose whatever option and then leave the room. Rest and save with the old guy, then go back to the clock room. You can only go down passage XII, go up to the door and you will have to fight another boss……

Demon’s Gate

Haste and Barrier yourself as this guy can inflict quite a lot of damage. Use Bahamut summon as the others don’t do much. His attacks fill your Limit Bars quite quickly so use them whenever you have them. Magic doesn’t really work so stick to physical attacks. You’ll win a Gigas Armlet.

Cait Sith will come out the door and talk to you. He’ll then go and take the Black Materia. You’ll find yourself outside the temple, where the stairs are. Cloud will go down to collect the Black Materia. Sephiroth will appear and force Cloud to give him the Black Materia. Cloud will move towards Sephiroth, and you will control a kid Cloud. You can talk to the adult Cloud, but it won’t stop him. Afterwards, Cloud will attack Aeris, and Cait Sith No.2 shows up. You other party member will jump down and stop Cloud. Cloud will have what I think is a dream, where Aeris will talk for a while. Sephiroth will appear and then you will wake up in Gongaga Town. You’ll talk to Tifa and Barret a while, then go outside. You’ll now have them in your team, and Aeris will be gone, but her weapons, armlets, accessories and Materia are in the menu. You can sell her weapons if you want. When you are done, go out of Gongaga Town.

When you are on the World Map, you’ll see the Tiny Bronco on a beach nearby (how it got there I don’t know!!). Board it and go to the northern continent, by going to the right side of the continent you are on and go through the river by Gold Saucer, then around the left side and to the north. Enter the excavator’s site (looks like a skull and ribs) that is in a forest.