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Rocket Town

There is a weapon shop on the left and an inn on the right when you enter. There is a Power Source in the room to the bottom right. If you talk to the old guy a few times and choose the top option to look at the rocket, he will give you the Yoshiyuki. Be sure to get the Barrier materia in the shop next to the old man. When you have bought weapons, rested etc, go into the house to the top right. There is a Drill Arm in one of the rooms in a chest. Go out back to see the Tiny Bronco. Shera will turn up and when she leaves, exit the house and go north towards the rocket. Go over the bridges, up the stairs and ladder and go right to enter the rocket.

Talk to the guy in here (Cid) and name him. When options appear, choose any one you want buy you will need to ask the top option to continue. Go back to Cid’s house when you are done and talk to Shera. Cid will turn up and when he leaves, Shera will explain about what happened with the rocket, flashback style. When the FMV finishes, Cid will come back and Palmer will arrive. Go outside to find that Rufus wants the Tiny Bronco. Shera will make you go inside and then go out back to where the Tiny Bronco is. You’ll find Palmer trying to nick it, so talk to him and then you will fight him…


Use Haste/All and Slow Palmer if you have learnt it, or use Choco/Mog summon. His Mako Gun can attack with Ice, Fire and Bolt so watch out. Use good summons and Limit Breaks and Palmer will be run over 🙂 in no time. You’ll get an Edincoat when you win.

Your party and Cid will now jump on the Tiny Bronco as it flies away, but in it’s escape it gets damaged and you will have to make an emergency landing in the sea.

You will now use the Tiny Bronco as transport but it can only go in shallow water and rivers. To get out you must land on a beach. At this point in the game you can do a few things, such as Yuffie’s side quest as Wutai has some good items. Also go to the northern continent and visit the Bone Village in one of the forests on the southern part of the continent. They have some good armlets for sale here.

When you want to continue in your journey, go to the area where the Gold Saucer is. You can go through the shallow river on the west side of the west continent. There is a lone house near here. Go inside and talk to the guy here to find you will need a Keystone to get into the Temple of the Ancients. He will tell you Dio from the Gold Saucer has it. Get out the Tiny Bronco and go to North Corel and take the ropeway up the Gold Saucer.