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Gold Saucer Revisited

Buy a ticket and go to the Battle Square. Head to the right and go into ‘Dio’s Show Room’. Examine the Keystone and Dio will turn up. Choose the top option and he will offer to give you the Keystone if you enter the Battle Square battles. You will have to fight with only Cloud and now matter when you lose or win, you will still get the Keystone. At the end of each battle, you will have to stop a slot machine. This has various effects of you, such as stops you using Summon materia, or give you a status change or restore your HP. Whatever changes occur, they will stay for all the battles. When you have the Keystone, try to leave the Gold Saucer to find the ropeway is broken. Cait Sith will turn up and you will be at the Hotel. You will talk to your friends a while, then you’ll be in your room.

At this point, Cloud will go on a date with someone, it’s usually Aeris, but it can be Tifa, Yuffie or Barret. Firstly you’ll go to the Event Square and as you are the 100th couple, you will take part in the play. Choose any of the options while in the play. Next you will go to the Round Square, and go on the gondola. When your date talks look in a direction to see an FMV. When you get off, you will see Cait Sith wandering around. You will chase him around. He will go to the Battle Square, then the Speed Square, then the Wonder Square. Go behind the yellow bird to find Cait Sith hiding very badly behind it. He will then go to the Chocobo Square. Chase him outside and see him throw the Keystone to Tseng in the Shinra helicopter. You’ll find he has taken Marlene hostage.

You’ll find yourself back in your room at the Hotel. Examine the cabinet to get an Elixer. Exit your room to meet with your friends, and then Aeris will become a permanent member of your team. Pick another party member and leave the hotel. Go back to the Station and leave Gold Saucer. Head back to where you left the Tiny Bronco. Go to the far southern continent, by going through the shallow river and going anti clockwise around the western continent, and then anti-clockwise around the eastern continent. You should see a brown stair like temple surrounded by a forest on one of the islands, go around the back of it to reach a beach. Leave the Tiny Bronco here and enter the temple.