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Train Graveyard/Plate Support

You can save at the Save Point if you like. Go into the nearby train by going up the wooden platform, and examine the oil drum to get a Hi-Potion. Go back to where the Save Point and climb up the ladder to get the Hi-Potion on top. Keep going along the top of this train until Cloud jumps up onto the white platform, go down to the ground and examine the oil drum to the north to get an Echo Screen. Go in between the train on which the white platform is resting and the trains at the top, and enter the train to get a Potion. Go south and exit the train, then go up the ladder and down the ladder the other side. Go through the lit up train and pick up a Potion before going north to enter the next screen.

Go north and circle around the train then go south to pick up a Potion in the corner, circle around the next train car to examine the oil drum and get an Ether. Go north and east from here to the train cars that you can move (they look brighter and grainier than the background cars). Get into the horizontal train by entering the door on the right. This will move the vertical train out of the way. Go east and north. Go up the ladder onto the train and pick up a Hi – Potion. Go back down to the ground and enter the train to the north. Climb back on top of the train and jump over to the train you’ve just moved. Run along the white platform, down the ladder and go west to the train station and keep going west, until you meet the people here, you can buy items from one of the guys here. You can save the game, then go up the stairs.

You can talk to the AVALANCHE members, Biggs and Jessie, who you meet on the way up. Continue up the stairs, until you meet Barret at the top. You’ve got a boss battle coming up so prepare yourself when prompted. Barret will join you for the battle…


Fire works well on Reno. He can use a Pyramid attack on one of your allies, if he gets this on all three, it’s game over. But to break it, just get an ally to attack the imprisoned member, it won’t damage them. He also has a attack called Electro-mag rod, which can sometimes paralyse the recipient, but it will wear off quite quickly. Use magic and Limit Breaks to beat him. When you have inflicted enough damage he will run off and you will get an Ether.

After Reno runs away, Tifa and Cloud will try to fiddle with the bomb, then Tseng will turn up with Aeris. Wait till Barret finds the wire and you will escape. Once the support blows up, you will end up in the playground near Wall Market. Cloud, Tifa and Barret talk for a while, then, when you can control Cloud again, go south until Tifa and Barret join you, then go back to the previous screen and pick up the yellow Sense materia in the corner. Return to Aeris’s house in Sector 5. Talk to Elmyra and learn more about Aeris. Go upstairs, talk to Barret and Marlene, answer however you want and you can go to the room next door to sleep. Go outside and return to Wall Market.