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Here, you will meet Tifa, and Marlene, Barret’s daughter. Answer however you like when TIfa ask you a question. You can name her, and if you bought a flower from Aeris earlier, you can choose to give the flower to either Tifa or Marlene. Talk to the other AVALANCHE members, then try to leave by walking toward the door, and Barret will run in. You can talk to Tifa for a while, then head downstairs by going over to the lift where everyone else went, and pressing O. Again, talk to everyone here, then try to go back upstairs and Tifa will come down and talk to you, then go back upstairs using the lift. Try to leave and Tifa will talk to you for a while. Answer however and see a flashback from Cloud and Tifa’s past. Barret will come up and give you his stash 🙂 of 1,500 Gil. You’ll stay the night and wake up in the room downstairs.

Go back upstairs to meet Tifa and Barret. Talk to them both, and you can choose to learn about materia too, and you can now access the materia menu from the main menu. You should also go the tall building’s middle floor. You can buy armour and other items from the first floor shop. On the middle floor there is an ‘All’ materia at the feet of the guy on the left, take it and get the Ether from the chest that falls after taking it. You can learn about various things about the game in this room, recommended if you are feeling confused!! You can also buy materia and items in the store to the left of the tall building. When you are ready to leave, go to the right twice, and board the train.