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Talk to the people here then make your way left and go down the stairs. Meet Priscilla and Mr. Dolphin :). After talking to her, you will be attacked by a flying boss…


Use Bolt, Bio and Fire magic attacks. Some characters can’t attack it so have them cast magic instead. This boss can put a bubble on a character that slowly reduces their HP. To destroy the bubble you must cast a magic spell on it. If you have a magic spell linked with All, you can attack the boss and the bubble at the same time. You should keep your HP up as this boss can create a wave attack (Big Wave) before it dies.

After killing the boss, you will need to revive Priscilla by using mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Fill your lungs by pressing Square and when the marker gets to the top of the lung symbol press Square again to breathe into Priscilla. It will take a few tries. Go into the house near the entrance on the left. Talk to the woman in front of the door. Choose the bottom option to rest. Cloud will have a freaky dream and when you wake up go outside to meet with your friends.

Talk to them then go up the set of wooden stairs. You find that Priscilla is OK, and she will give you the Shiva materia in return for saving her life. Follow her back to the beach. Talk to her and you’ll have to get the dolphin to jump you up to the tower, by calling it with Square. If you choose the middle option and don’t move, just press Square where you are, the dolphin will launch you but you will miss. However if you call the dolphin again, you will be deposited in just the right place. Go to the left and climb up the wire. You will see a cutscene of the Highwind. Once up top, go south, towards the screen. Go left and down, until you get to a yellow box. Examine it and it will take you down to the next floor. Go south through the arch. You will be in hallway, some soldiers will run past and an officer will spot you and make you change into a Shinra uniform. Go into the room to the north and examine the locker at the end. Choose to change, and some guards will come in. They will show you how to march, choose the bottom option to stop them. There is a Save Point in the corridor to the right. I suggest you save. Follow the soldiers when you are done. Watch the FMV of Junon.

In the next event, you will need to sneak into the row of soldiers and march with them. You will also need to move your gun with O in time with the other soldiers. Depending on how high the TV ratings were will depend on what you will get at the end. You will end up marching with the other soldiers in front of Rufus and Heidegger. When they leave you will find out Sephiroth has been here and you will find yourself in the locker room. You will practise the next event and choose the bottom option when you are done.

Now you can look around Junon and buy various weapons, items materia etc from the shops here. In the last building on the left, in the basement, (talk to the guy to the right on the first floor) there is a room where you can learn about various parts of the game in more detail. On the second floor of this building is a 1/35 Soldier and a Mind Source. There is a Luck Source in the room with the kittens. There is a Power Source and a Guard Source on the top floor. In the other side of the town, in the third entrance along there is a Speed Source in the room with the lazy soldier. There’s a 1/35 Soldier on the top floor.

Go all the way to the far side of town and you will meet up with the other soldiers and the officer. You will now have to perform for Rufus, using the various buttons on the controller. Listen to the officer and push the relevant buttons. At the end face forward and press any button to perform the final salute. You will receive an item depending on how many points you got. for 0 – 50 Points you will get Silver Edge Glasses, for 60 – 90 Points you will get a HP Source and for 100 – 190 Points you will get a Force Stealer. After wards, if you try to go out the door you will be stopped by Red XIII, and will board the boat.