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Corel Prison / Chocobo Races

If you stand still too long a weird freaky man will follow you. VERY annoying. There’s a Save Point and you can talk to people here if you want. Eventually go into the house on the right where the strange man will leave you alone (yay!). Barret will come in and everyone else will too. You’ll see a flashback from four years ago in which Barret’s best friend gets his arm shot off. Now you have to choose your team. I suggest you save at the Save Point before you leave. You’ll notice that the man following you has gone, I think he was the one that Barret shot 🙂 Go north through the gate and then go through the other gate to the left. When you get to the next gate, go through the gate to the right to where the man is and keep going north or if you get fed up going north go right until you reach a line of rocks or a junkyard. When you get to the line of rocks go right. When you’re at the junkyard equip Barret with Restore and your best Magic and Summon Materia as you will have to fight with only Barret. Go north and you’ll talk to Dyne. You’ll find out he was injured and also got a gun grafted onto his arm. You’ll have to fight him…


Let him attack you with his gun as it will make your Limit Bar fill up quickly, and use Cure when you have to. Hit him with your Limit Break when it’s full and use your best summon (Choco/Mog can paralyze him sometimes) to inflict more damage. He can pull off a big attack before dying so keep your HP up. You’ll win a Silver Armlet.

After Dyne kills himself you’ll find yourself back at the prison talking to Mr. Coates. You’ll need to win the upcoming Chocobo Race to get out of prison. After you’ve taken the lift, you can find the Summon Ramuh Materia in the corner by the poster. Talk to Ester when she comes and you will participate in the Chocobo Race.

You can either do Automatic or Manual. If using Manual, hold R1, R2 and this will make your dash meter regenerate which will let you dash (O) more often. If you can’t win on Manual, use Automatic and you should win eventually although it’s pretty easy to win on Manual.

When you come in first place you’ll get a buggy which lets you go over shallow rivers. Come out of the desert bit and you’ll see a shallow river nearby. Go over it, and eventually you’ll see a black structure in a forest. Get out of the buggy and enter it. Go forward a bit and you’ll see the Turks, Reno and Rude. They’ll ttalk for a bit and then you’ll have to fight Reno and Rude together. Answer however you like when they ask you a question and you’ll enter the battle…

Reno and Rude

Use your best Summoning and Magic to inflict damage on the Turks. You should concentrate your attacks on one or the other as when you inflict enough damage on one the other will leave. You can poison them with Bio. Rude can heal them both, and Reno can inflict more damage so decide accordingly. You’ll win a Fairy Tale when you’re victorious.

Go northeast to the burnt out Mako Reactor. Scarlet and Tseng will arrive and talk about Huge Materia. When they leave check around the edge of the reactor and when an option appears choose the bottom one to get the Titan Materia. Go back to where you met Reno and Rude and go west. Keep going west at the junction to get Deathblow Materia. If you keep going down this pathway you’ll end up in the world map so go back to the junction, not the one where you found the Turks, and head north. You’ll reach Gongaga Town.