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Ammunition Items

Item Name Description Methods of Gaining
Normal Ammo Normal Ammo Defeat G-Soldier [rare]
1x Screw : 8x Normal Ammo
All Item shops
Shotgun Ammo Ammo that attacks all opponents All Item shops
Dark Ammo Ammo with status changing effects 1x Poison Powder : 10x Dark Ammo [Ammo-RF]
1x Venom Fang : 20x Dark Ammo [Ammo-RF]
1x Abadon : 20x Dark Ammo
Fire Ammo Ammo with fire element 1x Bomb Fragment : 20x Fire Ammo [Ammo-RF]
1x Red Fang : 40x Fire Ammo [Ammo-RF]
1x Fuel : 10x Fire Ammo [Ammo-RF]
1x Oilboyle : 30x Fire Ammo
Demolition Ammo Ammo 3 times more powerful than Normal Ammo 1x Missile : 20x Demolition Ammo [Ammo-RF]
1x Running Fire : 40x Demolition Ammo [Ammo-RF]
1x Cactus Thorn : 40x Demolition Ammo [Ammo-RF]
1x Trauma : 30x Demolition Ammo
Fast Ammo Ammo for rapid fire 1x Normal Ammo : 1x Fast Ammo [Ammo-RF]
1x Shotgun Ammo : 2x Fast Ammo [Ammo-RF]
1x GIM47N : 10x Fast Ammo [Ammo-RF]
AP Ammo Armor-piercing ammo 1x Sharp Spike : 10x AP Ammo [Ammo-RF]
1x Chef’s Knife : 20x AP Ammo [Ammo-RF]
Pulse Ammo Ammo that contains powerful energy 1x Laser Cannon : 5x Pulse Ammo [Ammo-RF]
1x Energy Crystal : 10x Pulse Ammo [Ammo-RF]
1x Power Generator : 20x Pulse Ammo [Ammo-RF]