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Field Items

Item Name Description Methods of Gaining
Tent Fully restores abnormal status and HP to all (usable only at World Map or Save Point.) 1x Healing Water : 2x Tent (Siren’s Tool-RF)
1x Regen Ring : 5x Tent (Siren’s Tool-RF)
Buy from most stores
Pet House Restores HP to all GFs 1x Healing Mail : 1x Pet House (Leviathan’s GFRecov Med-RF)
1x Silver Mail : 2x Pet House (Leviathan’s GFRecov Med-RF)
1x Gold Armor : 4x Pet House (Leviathan’s GFRecov Med-RF)
1x Diamond Armor : 16x Pet House (Leviathan’s GFRecov Med-RF)
Cottage Same effect as Tent plus restores HP to all GFs. Mug Level 50 ~ 60 Elite Soldiers or Esthar Soldiers (cyborg)
1x Whisper : 1x Cottage (Siren’s Tool-RF)
1x Healing Ring : 30x Cottage (Siren’s Tool-RF)
1x Diamond Armor : 50x Cottage (Siren’s Tool-RF)