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Battle Items

Item Name Description Methods of Gaining
Hero-trial Makes character invincible sometimes Pocketstation
or Angelo Search
Hero Makes character invincible 10x Hero-trial : 1x Hero [Alexander’s Med LV Up]
1x Laguna’s Card : 100x Heroes
Holy War-trial Makes party members invincible sometimes 10x Hero : 1x Holy War Trial [Alexander’s Med LV Up]
Holy War Makes party members invincible 10x Holy War-trial : 1x Holy War [Alexander’s Med LV Up]
1x Gilgamesh’s Card : 10x Holy War
Gysahl Greens Chocobo related..?(summons Chicobo) 1x Chicobo’s Card : 100x Gysahl Greens
buy from Chocoboy
Phoenix Pinion When used in battle…(summons Phoenix which does Fire damage to all enemies and revives all KO’d allies) 3x Mega Phoenix : 1x Phoenix Pinion [Siren’s Tool-RF]
Magical Lamp A cursed lamp..(Transports the current party to the World of Darkness and you will battle GF Diablos. Defeat GF Diablos to have it as your ally.) Given by Cid before first SeeD mission
Solomon’s Ring A mysterious ring. (Allows you to summon GF Doomtrain as your ally by getting its requirements: 6x Steel Pipe, 6x Remedy+, and 6x Malboro Tentacle. Just press X to select it from menu.) Centre of Tear’s Point
Friendship When used in battle.. (Allows you to summon Moomba where it does it attacks
carrying non-elemental damage to all enemies.)
Available only through Pocketstation
Shell Stone Same effect as Shell. (Allows your character to cast Shell onto ally or oneself.) 1x Rune Armlet : 10x Shell Stone (Siren’s Tool-RF)
1x Force Armlet : 30x Shell Stone (Siren’s Tool-RF)
1x Mobile Type 8’s Card : 10x Shell Stone
Protect Stone Same effect as Protect. (Allows your character to cast Protect onto ally or oneself.) 1x Turtle Shell : 10x Protect Stone (Siren’s Tool-RF)
1x Orihalcon : 30x Protect Stone (Siren’s Tool-RF)
1x BGH251F2’s Card : 10x Protect Stone
Aura Stone Same effect as Aura. (Allows your character to cast Aura onto ally or oneself.) 1x Steel Pipe : 1x Aura Stone (Siren’s Tool-RF)
1x Fury Fragment : 2x Aura Stone (Siren’s Tool-RF)
1x Strength Love : 2x Aura Stone (Siren’s Tool-RF)
1x Circlet : 2x Aura Stone (Siren’s Tool-RF)
1x Power Wrist : 10x Aura Stone (Siren’s Tool-RF)
1x Hypno Crown : 10x Aura Stone (Siren’s Tool-RF)
Death Stone Same effect as Death. 1x Dead Spirit : 2x Death Stone (Siren’s Tool-RF)
1x Elvoret’s Card : 10x Death Stone
Holy Stone Same effect as Holy 1x Moon Stone : 2x Holy Stone (Siren’s Tool-RF)
1x Krysta’s Card : 10x Holy Stone
Flare Stone Same effect as Flare 1x Inferno Fang : 2x Flare Stone
1x Tiamat’s Card : 10x Flare Stone(Siren’s Tool-RF)
Meteor Stone Same effect as Meteor 1x Star Fragment : 2x Meteor Stone (Siren’s Tool-RF)
1x Red Giant’s Card : 5x Meteor Stone
Ultima Stone Same effect as Ultima 1x Energy Crystal : 2x Ultima Stone (Siren’s Tool-RF)
1x Ultima Weapon’s Card : 2x Ultima Stone