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Magazine Items

Magazine Name Location
Weapons Monthly 1st Issue You will find this in Lunatic Pandora Research Center Place controls room during Laguna’s Dream Sequence in Disc 3. You can get this later in the game, by buying it from Esthar Book Store.
Weapons Monthly March Issue You will get this by defeating Elvoret at Dollet’s Communication Tower during Dollet Dukedom mission in Disc 1.
Weapons Monthly April Issue Found on the right table of Dormitory [single] after the night tour at the Balamb Garden Training Center in Disc 1.
Weapons Monthly May Issue Before meeting with Edea at the Commencement Room, controlling Rinoa and go down the manhole behind crates. Next proceed towards right three times and you will find it.
Weapons Monthly June Issue You will get this copy, by defeating BGH521F2 at the Missile Base as Selphie and her company in Disc 2.
Weapons Monthly July Issue Returned back to the Training Center in Disc 3 and enter the area on the left, search the area for this copy.
Weapons Monthly August Issue Found this from Disc 2 onwards in Trabia Garden. Head for the area where you find the Gargoyle. Walk five steps south and search the area [it’s is somewhere close to screen, on the external right end.]

Magazine Name Location
Combat King 001 Found this copy in the first floor of the D-District Prison. Before rescuing Squall, have Zell, Quistis and Selphie get to lower floors and get this magazine found in one of the rooms.
Combat King 002 Obtained this magazine, by defeating Fujin and Raijin at Balamb Hotel. It is during Disc 2, where Zell, Squall and another member are to find the captain…
Combat King 003 You will get this from Zell’s Love Quest [see under Secrets Section for more information]. You need to meet girl with ponytail at the library [of course, Zell must be in the party], proceed to Balamb and talk to Shizuka [girl with pigtail’s friend]. She will says that she has come to Balamb to look for Zell. Next proceed to Dincht’s house, where Ma Dincht will say that the girl with pigtail has been looking for her son. Next choose to rest at Balamb Hotel and you will get the Combat King 003!
Combat King 004 You can get this from the lone Esthar soldier [somewhere near the Ragnarok Airstation] during Lunatic Pandora’s attack at Esthar.
Combat King 005 You will find on the path leading left from Elevator 03’s basement. This can only be done if you choose to trigger the red detonator during Laguna’s 2nd dream sequence in Disc 1.

Magazine Name Location
Pet Pals Vol. 1 You will receive this copy from Zell, during your trip to Timber [ remember the time where Zell is sitting on a comfortable couch?]
Pet Pals Vol. 2 After you have finishing briefing at the Forest Owl’s Headquarters [ before Train Input sub-game], return back to the room where you meet Rinoa, the magazine is placed on the "bed" [which has turned into a couch]
Pet Pals Vol. 3 Bought this from Timber Pet Shop. You can also buy this from Esthar Pet Shop (with Familiar)
Pet Pals Vol. 4 Bought this from Timber Pet Shop. You can also buy this from Esthar Pet Shop if you have acquired Familiar.
Pet Pals Vol. 5 Bought this from Esthar Pet Shop.
Pet Pals Vol. 6 Bought this from Esthar Pet Shop.

Magazine Name Location
Occult Fan I – World’s Mysterious Magazine Scoop Issue Found this magazine in the bookshelf of the Library in Balamb Garden. You can get this straight after you have completed the first field test at the Fire Cavern.
Occult Fan II – World’s Mysterious Magazine Photo Issue Found this magazine within the documents found in the Card Master’s arena in Dollet. [happy searching..]. You need to defeat the Card Master in order to enter the area. The Card Master’s arena is on the right side of the bridge which is linked to the 2F of the Pub.
Occult Fan III – World’s Mysterious Magazine Magic Issue You will be given this from Master Fisherman at the lower ends of FH, after Balamb Garden has hit FH. You need to say the truth and he will give you the item.
Occult Fan IV – World’s Mysterious Magazine Report Issue You will find this after navigating around in Esthar during your departure for Lunar Gate. Instead heading for Lunar Gate, return back to the entrance of the Presidential Palace and you will find an assistant complaining about Odine and leaves the magazine. Grab it.