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Irvine Ultimate Weapon

Weapon Name


Magazine Needed

Weapons Monthly: 1st Issue

Items Needed

  • 2x Dino Bone
  • 1x Moon Stone
  • 2x Star Fragment
  • 18x Screw

How To Get Items

Dino Bone

Land your Ragnarok at Balamb, enter a forest and fight until you encounter a T-Rexaur, now, keep on mugging, and since the T-Rexaur here is really slow, you should get in lots of turns before him, and when you’re done mugging, either kill it off or leave it and run away.

*Note* I suggest mugging the T-Rexaur at the forests of Balamb, seeing that the T-Rexaurd at Island closest to Hell is extremely hard

Moon Stone

Just go to Esthar, and start fighting Toramas, and while you’re at it, mug them and try to get the item, and if you don’t you probably got another item useful for the upgrading of another characters ultimate weapon. Just keep on re-trying and you’ll get it in no time.

*Note* The Toramas are common enemies at Esthar

Star Fragment

Though the Iron Giants are quite rare enemies, they do occur, so when you eventually meet it, just mug it continously and you will obtain the Star Fragments.
The Iron Giants attacks are quite poor when you’re leveled up, and nothing compared to the attacks of the T – Rexaur, or the Hexa Dragon.

*Note* The IronGiants at Esthar (can only be fought after the Lunatic Pandora has taken place above Tears Point) are much easier then the other enemies *Note*


To get screws really easy, just go to the Hasberry Plains in Dollet and fight the Geezards and you’ll get them in no time what so ever.

*Note* The Screws are one of the most common items in the whole game, I bet you have enough of them already *Note*