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Rinoa Ultimate Weapon

Weapon Name

Shooting Star

Magazine Needed

Weapons Monthly : 1st Issue

Items Needed

  • 2x Windmill
  • 1x Regen Ring
  • 1x Force Armlet
  • 2x Energy Crystal

How To Get Items


Search around at the Great Plains of Galbadia and you’ll find it, it’s a blue flying monster. Just Mug it and you’ll get the Windmill. *Note* Thrustaevis isn’t the only monster that you can get the Windmill from

Regen Ring

You will find the Torama (Looks like a tiger) around Esthar. It’s a comman enemy around there and there should be nore trouble finding it.
It usually comes along with an Imp or two though. *Note* The Torama isn’t the easiest of the other monsters, but you can get the Regen Ring ALOT more frequently

Force Armlet

Search around the Hawkwind Plains at Trabia, but not on the grass, in the forests. When you encounter him, mug him for the
Force Armlet, and keep on trying if you didn’t get it the first time. *Note* The Ochus aren’t that tough, atleast when you fight them at Trabia